Smooth Rider delights crowds at ANDA

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This golden oldie made its first big public outing since the 1930s - and fans were keen to get on the bandwagon. If its latest public appearance is anything to go by, the famous gold nugget nicknamed ‘Smooth Rider’ has still got what it takes to turn heads! The whopping 78.39 ounce gold nugget was front and centre at the Australian Numismatic ..

The New $10 Explained

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There are plenty of bells and whistles you’ll want to check out when you get your hands on the RBA’s brand-new $10 note. Chances are, you’ve heard the news. The Reserve Bank of Australia’s brand-new $10 Polymer Note is here, armed with a suite of new design, security and even tactile features to elevate the humble ‘tenner’ to a whol..

Think forgery has been the ruin of Australian currency? Think again.

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Currency forgers often make headlines. After all, if you’re creating headaches for the Government, baffling law enforcement personnel and placing the national economy in jeopardy – among other things! – you might become infamous, but you’ll likely never be seen in a positive light. Forgery is bad for Australia. It’s a black-and-white ..

85 years in the biz, and other rarities

Aug 17, 2017 Leave Comment

It’s a rare family business that grows from strength to strength over a course of 85 years – and at Downies Coins, it’s something we’re incredibly thankful for. So last week, we took an equally rare opportunity to stop, reflect and celebrate. Joined by some of our customers in the Southgate store, we were particularly honoured to play ho..

A Magical Tribute: A Childhood favourite immortalised in stunning legal tender.

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When Hush the possum wants to be made invisible, she turns to bush magic veteran Grandma Poss for help. But making Hush visible again proves easier said than done… First published in 1983, Possum Magic is equal parts children’s book and literary phenomenon. Millions have been sold. Multiple generations of kids have been soothed to sleep with..

A Champion’s Golden Legacy: Jesse Owens’ Olympic medals go to auction

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After the sale of one of Jesse Owens’ 1936 Berlin Olympics Gold Medals at auction in 2013 – where it sold for a world record price of nearly US$1.5m – two more of the champion’s 1936 Gold Medals will soon go under the hammer. An eagerly anticipated event in the field of Olympic memorabilia, the history behind these important medals is just ..

1787 Silver Sixpence

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The ONLY sixpence date struck from 1758 until the Great Recoinage of 1816, toward the end of the reign of King George III (1760-1820), the 1787 Sixpence is a fundamental element of Australia’s currency history. Why? Because the 1787 Sixpence was an utterly crucial coin in Australia’s colonial economy in the earliest days after European Settleme..

Hidden Messages, Secret Codes, German Spies … Or Just Resourceful Internees? Part 2

Jul 20, 2017 Leave Comment

Hidden Codes Revealed During the chaos of WWII, the town of Hay in NSW played host to thousands of internees. These included the civilian refugees placed in the now-infamous Camp Seven, who developed their own ingenious internal currency system now prized by collectors today. But was there more to the story behind these banknotes? In Part 2 of..

Hidden Messages, Secret Codes, German Spies … Or Just Resourceful Internees? Part 1

Jul 19, 2017 Leave Comment

WWII was a well-documented and chaotic point in world history. Among the many stories to arise from that time, a perhaps lesser-known - but unique episode of European and Australian significance took place close to home, right here on Australian soil. In New South Wales – in the town of Hay, to be exact – the town’s Internment Camp Seven ..

Diana, Princess of Wales: a tribute

Jul 06, 2017 Leave Comment

She was a philanthropist, a patron, and in many ways, a trailblazer. She was adored by many and admired across the globe. She also happened to be a Princess. It’s almost impossible to encapsulate the legacy of the late Diana, Princess of Wales. As 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of her tragic death, Downies is proud to present a celebration of..