The Hidden Coin Challenge – 1859 Ansell Sovereign

Nov 01, 2017 Leave Comment

The great rarities of the British Gold Sovereign Series often emerge under unlikely circumstances, and are regularly underpinned by an unusual, interesting heritage. Immensely rare and highly sought after worldwide, the 1859 ‘Ansell’ Gold Sovereign is no exception to the rule. In 1859, the Royal Mint in London produced more than one and half..

1966 Wavy Baseline 20c

Jun 27, 2017 Leave Comment

Struck at the Royal Mint in London just over five decades ago, as Great Britain assisted Australia in the lead-up to decimalisation, the 1966 ‘Wavy Baseline’ 20c is one of the rarest decimal coins issued into circulation in Australia. Defined by – as the name suggests – a distinct undulation in the baseline of the ‘2’ in the denominatio..

1919-1921 Square Kookaburra Patterns

May 29, 2017 Leave Comment

Some coins are rare, some are beautiful and some are historic. Some coins, such as the 1919-1921 Square Kookaburra Patterns, unite all three qualities. Genuine artefacts of one of the most fascinating chapters in the story of Australian numismatics, these important post-WWI Pattern issues today rank among Australia’s highest profile rarities...

Downies Hidden Coin Challenge

Apr 24, 2017 Leave Comment

Suggested by a member of Downies Client Services Team, the 2001 Northern Territory 50c proved to be an inspired choice for our ‘Hidden Coin Challenge’. The challenge sparked a great response from collectors, and much debate as well. We hope you enjoyed the challenge! The 2001 Northern Territory 50c not only presented an interesting choic..