1966 Wavy Baseline 20c

Jun 27, 2017 Leave Comment

Struck at the Royal Mint in London just over five decades ago, as Great Britain assisted Australia in the lead-up to decimalisation, the 1966 ‘Wavy Baseline’ 20c is one of the rarest decimal coins issued into circulation in Australia. Defined by – as the name suggests – a distinct undulation in the baseline of the ‘2’ in the denominatio..

1919-1921 Square Kookaburra Patterns

May 29, 2017 Leave Comment

Some coins are rare, some are beautiful and some are historic. Some coins, such as the 1919-1921 Square Kookaburra Patterns, unite all three qualities. Genuine artefacts of one of the most fascinating chapters in the story of Australian numismatics, these important post-WWI Pattern issues today rank among Australia’s highest profile rarities...

Downies Hidden Coin Challenge

Apr 24, 2017 Leave Comment

Suggested by a member of Downies Client Services Team, the 2001 Northern Territory 50c proved to be an inspired choice for our ‘Hidden Coin Challenge’. The challenge sparked a great response from collectors, and much debate as well. We hope you enjoyed the challenge! The 2001 Northern Territory 50c not only presented an interesting choic..