The end of the ‘War to End All Wars’

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Next year marks 100 years since once of the most pivotal years in modern history. Here’s why 1918 was so important. In darkness, a group of delegates from Germany, France and Britain huddled in a railway car nestled in the remote forest of Compiègne, France. Years of conflict and millions of lives lost: it had all come down to this. I..

Nine People Who Shaped Australia – and why they’ll be remembered forever.

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The deeper you look into Australia’s colonial history, the more intrigue you’re likely to find. Before Australia became ‘Australia,’ and all separate colonies joined together to form a single nation in 1901, the struggles and triumphs of nine extraordinary people had a profound effect on shaping the country we know today. These are some ..

The man who put Australia on the map

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[caption id="attachment_2745" align="alignleft" width="381"] Glass lantern slide of Captain Cook, c. 1910-1950, Gordon H. Woodhouse. Image courtesy of Libraries Australia.[/caption] Born in October 1728, James Cook rose from humble beginnings to become ‘one of the greatest of Englishmen’. This is the story of his historic maiden voyage - and..

When the Guns Fell Silent

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[caption id="attachment_2737" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Two minutes' silence at an Armistice Day service on the steps of Parliament House, Melbourne, early 1920s. Image courtesy of State Library of South Australia, PRG 280/1/30/58.[/caption] After years of conflict and millions of lives lost, war was finally over. It was the eleventh ..

Smooth Rider delights crowds at ANDA

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This golden oldie made its first big public outing since the 1930s - and fans were keen to get on the bandwagon. If its latest public appearance is anything to go by, the famous gold nugget nicknamed ‘Smooth Rider’ has still got what it takes to turn heads! The whopping 78.39 ounce gold nugget was front and centre at the Australian Numismatic ..

The New $10 Explained

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There are plenty of bells and whistles you’ll want to check out when you get your hands on the RBA’s brand-new $10 note. Chances are, you’ve heard the news. The Reserve Bank of Australia’s brand-new $10 Polymer Note is here, armed with a suite of new design, security and even tactile features to elevate the humble ‘tenner’ to a whol..

Think forgery has been the ruin of Australian currency? Think again.

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Currency forgers often make headlines. After all, if you’re creating headaches for the Government, baffling law enforcement personnel and placing the national economy in jeopardy – among other things! – you might become infamous, but you’ll likely never be seen in a positive light. Forgery is bad for Australia. It’s a black-and-white ..

Day 6 – Broken Hill to Renmark

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Editor’s note: Kath Downie shares more of her 2017 Kidney Kar Rally adventures in her blog post below! Last night's 'Silver City'-themed fancy dress event definitely delivered some very creative costumes! Congratulations to this team, for what can only be described as an outstanding commitment to the theme! I'm not sure that Paul and Scott ..

85 years in the biz, and other rarities

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It’s a rare family business that grows from strength to strength over a course of 85 years – and at Downies Coins, it’s something we’re incredibly thankful for. So last week, we took an equally rare opportunity to stop, reflect and celebrate. Joined by some of our customers in the Southgate store, we were particularly honoured to play ho..

Day 5 – ‘Rest’ Day

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Editor’s note: Kath Downie shares more of her 2017 Kidney Kar Rally adventures in her blog post below! Today is our rest day, an essential part of any rally! Typically, we use the spare day to make any minor repairs to our Kar, do a bit of sightseeing and, of course, try and get a bit of rest. Being in Broken Hill, today's rest day meant an..