On This Day: The Cavalry Charge at Beersheba

Oct 31, 2017 Leave Comment

Today marks the 100th Anniversary of the historic Cavalry Charge at Beersheba, Israel – a moment that showed the world the kind of incredible courage and audacity that Australian troops were capable of. It was a moment of inspiration. When Australian Brigadier General William Grant called upon the Australian Light Horsemen to draw their bayonets..

Centenary of the Battle of Fromelles

Jul 19, 2016 Leave Comment

Following their well-organised withdrawal from the Dardanelles in late 1915, Australia’s Gallipoli veterans recovered in Egypt, before being dispatched to Europe with fresh recruits from home. It was at the Battle of Fromelles in northern France that Aussie diggers got their first taste of action on the Western Front. For many, it would also be t..

The 2015 $1 Colour Poppy Coin is coming to Downies!

Apr 28, 2015 Leave Comment

We are pleased to announce that the limited edition 2015 $1 WWI War Heroes Colour Coin featuring the red poppy motif is now available to order from Downies! This official Australian legal tender coin was originally part of a promotion that saw fourteen 20 cent coins made available to the general public through newsagents over a two week peri..