New and exciting range of historical Ancient Greek & Roman Coin Books available now at our Downies Southgate store

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Downies Southgate Melbourne Store has just received a new and wide range of Ancient Greek and Roman Coin and Historical Books in-store – all at competitive prices! The range of these books covers the entire period of Ancient Greek and Roman History from Alexander the Great through to the last emperors of the Roman Empire. These books are written by well-known world experts in the field including:

  • David Sears: Royal Coins and their values
  • Wayne G Sayles: Ancient Coin Collecting
  • David L. Vagi: Coinage and History of the Roman Empire
  • William E. Metcalf: The Oxford handbook of Greek & Roman Coinage

To compliment the books, Downies Southgate has a good range of Ancient Greek and Roman Coins in stock, and is currently giving customers a 10% discount on each coin purchased.

Ancient Coin Book Display

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced collector, Downies Southgate can help you with building up your interest, enjoyment and knowledge with Ancient Greek and Roman Books in-store now.

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