Honouring the Rats of Tobruk…

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Dead, wounded and held captive – The Battle of Tobruk 8 months, 559 dead, 2450 wounded and 941 taken prisoner, in 1941 Australian troops endured intense bombing and constant threat of attack from both the German and Italian forces. Fighting through incredible heat, cold, thirst and hunger with unmistakable bravery, determination and passion - 201..


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Power, Ambition and Death – 1553 The final time that the Kingdom of England experienced three changes in power within the one year, 1553 saw the passing of Edward VI which lead to a series of events that ultimately lead to death, betrayal and once again the shifting of power throughout the monarchy. Initiated by the passing of King Edward VI, E..


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Murder for Power – King Edward IV, King Edward V and King Richard III 1483 saw the third occurrence within the British Monarchy where three kings – Edward IV, Edward V and Richard III, ruled the throne within the one year. Beginning with his second reign in 1471, King Edward IV controlled the British throne until his death in 1483. Upon his de..


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History Repeats – 1216 Following in a similar direction to the Kings of 1066, in 1216 the English Monarchy once again saw three Kings take the throne. Welcoming King John, Louis VIII and Henry III, 1216 was a year of invasion, decease and reclamation of the monarchy. Crowned in 1199, John, son of King Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine was han..

2012 Tasmanian Wedge-Tailed Eagle 1oz Silver Proof

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Majestic, Exclusive & Stunningly Rare! An extremely exclusive tribute to a renowned Australian species, the second release in the sold out ‘Extinct and Endangered’ series pays tribute to one of the most distinctive birds of prey – the Tasmanian Wedge-Tailed Eagle. Spectacularly powerful, forcefully independent and the ruler of the sk..


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A legendary battle that instigated Medieval England Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the notorious Three Kings of 1936, comes the Niue 2011 $5 Three Kings of 1936 Silver Proof.  Issued in remembrance of a series of chain reactions that saw the passing of George V, voluntary abdication of Edward VIII and finally the crowning of George VI, the Th..

Protecting Australia’s Endangered Species – National Threatened Species Day – September 7

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Developed as a Government Initiative to raise awareness of our endangered species, National Threatened Species Day is an annual event held throughout Australia on September 7. Founded in 1996 to commemorate the date of the death of the last known Tasmanian tiger held in captivity in Hobart in 1936, National Threatened Species Day supports numer..

2012 RAM Products available to order from Downies

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With only hours until the Royal Australian Mint unveils their entire 2012 product themes and release dates at Federation Square in Melbourne, Downies is happy to announce that we will remain your one-stop shop to secure all of your 2012 RAM releases, as well as all the other important issues from Australia and around the world. And remember, all it..

Star Wars 1oz Silver Proof Collections and Base-Metal Coins!

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Collectible STAR WARS™ legal tender coins coming to a universe near you One of cinema’s most enduring and beloved franchises, the Star Wars Saga has made its imprint on books, TV, toys, soft goods, kitchen wares, video games, comic books and much, much more—but never as a legal tender coin set available in the U.S. Until now! After obtaini..

2012 Year of the Dragon Bullion Series

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With celebrations for the long awaited Year of the Dragon already underway – The Perth Mint has announced their newest Precious Metal Series to commemorate the most popular sign in the Chinese Lunar Calendar and it will be undoubtedly one of the biggest releases of 2012! With global demand soaring for all 2012 Dragon lunar releases, The Perth Mi..