Blood, Sweat and Tears…

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An epic battle that witnessed not only a record-making final as the longest ever Grand Slam title match, 2012 also celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Australian Open. With temperatures reaching well over 30 degrees, Novak Djokovic defeated Rafeal Nadal in an incredible 5-set match lasting a grueling 5 hours and 53 minutes! Drawing a crowd of ..

Downies Top 20 Coins for 2011

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Over the past twelve months, mints across the world have combined innovation, precision and absolute excellence delivering you ground breaking releases, sure to compliment every collection. As 2011 closes and 2012 begins, we are proud to announce our top 20 releases that made international success for craftsmanship, design and popularity. Over the..

2012 Coin of the Year awards! And the nominees are…

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Perhaps one of the most prestigious award ceremonies for numismatics, the American Numismatic Association in accordance with Krause Publications, has just announced the nominations for the 2012 Coin of the Year awards. With categories ranging from most historically significant and best contemporary events to most inspirational, innovative and arti..

Benin Strikes Back! 2011 100 Francs Lily of the Valley Scent Colour Silver Plated BU

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With innovation driving the future of numismatics, Benin has broken the mould, releasing their fourth issue in the state of the art, ‘rub & sniff’ collection - the 2011 100 Francs Lily of the Valley Scent Colour Silver Plated BU. Featuring the Convallaria Majalis, commonly known as the ‘Lily of the Valley’, this official legal tender, ..

The verdict is in… 2011 Series of the Year

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Undeniably a captivating series, the Gothic Cathedrals collection has been awarded second prize in the Fifth International Commemorative Coins Contest - the 2011 Coin Constellation. Held September 28 2011 in the Marble palace of St Petersburg, Russia, more than 200 coins from 25 countries lined up to be judged on concept, artistic solution, origin..

Downies has you covered this festive season…

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With days rapidly counting down to secure your perfect gifts  – Downies is your one-stop-shop this festive season! With celebratory commemoratives to entice even the newest of collectors – give your loved ones a gift to remember. From classic gold and silver Proofs to innovative scented Uncirculated coins, Downies is the leading distributor of..

The way of the future…

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Following in the footsteps of 18 other countries, Canada has just announced their first release in a new line of Polymer Banknotes – the new $100 bill. Developed from a single sheet of polymer plastic, this iconic new series has been developed in a bid to win the battle against counterfeit currency. [youtube=

2012 Lunar Dragons Coloured

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With every commemorative for 2012’s Year of the Dragon receiving an abundance of interest throughout the global market, the Royal Australian Mint has just announced the addition of two releases that no one anticipated to be issued into their product portfolio – comes a 1oz Silver Proof and a 1/10oz Gold Proof. Celebrating the world’s favou..

2011 Beijing International Coin Exposition East Meets West 1/2 oz Two-Coin Set

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2 days and over 2,000 sets – the 2011 Beijing International Coin Exposition East Meets West 1/2oz Two-Coin Set is undoubtedly one of the most highly pursued 2-coin sets this year. With over two thirds of the mintage selling out at the Beijing Show – after a lengthy search we have finally been able to secure a small allocation to offer to our mo..

The Guide that the Dealers Use – 2012 Greg McDonald Pocket Guide 19th Edition Soft-Cover

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Set to ship from the printers in the first week of December, be one of the first to receive the guide that the dealers use!Undoubtedly the most comprehensive coin and banknote handbook used in Australian Numismatics – the 2012 McDonald’s Guide to Australian Coins & Banknotes 19th Edition is a vital text for every collector. Providing an acc..