1966 Wavy Baseline 20c

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Struck at the Royal Mint in London just over five decades ago, as Great Britain assisted Australia in the lead-up to decimalisation, the 1966 ‘Wavy Baseline’ 20c is one of the rarest decimal coins issued into circulation in Australia. Defined by – as the name suggests – a distinct undulation in the baseline of the ‘2’ in the denominatio..

1919-1921 Square Kookaburra Patterns

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Some coins are rare, some are beautiful and some are historic. Some coins, such as the 1919-1921 Square Kookaburra Patterns, unite all three qualities. Genuine artefacts of one of the most fascinating chapters in the story of Australian numismatics, these important post-WWI Pattern issues today rank among Australia’s highest profile rarities...

Downies Hidden Coin Challenge

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Suggested by a member of Downies Client Services Team, the 2001 Northern Territory 50c proved to be an inspired choice for our ‘Hidden Coin Challenge’. The challenge sparked a great response from collectors, and much debate as well. We hope you enjoyed the challenge! The 2001 Northern Territory 50c not only presented an interesting choic..

Day 1 at the Melbourne 2017 FIAP International Stamp Exhibition

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Day one of the 2017 International Stamp Exhibition proved to be one of the busiest mornings I’ve seen at a trade show in quite some time. From the moment, the doors opened hordes of enthusiasts flocked to the Australia Post pop up shop to secure their Day One souvenir products. Once everyone began to settle into the show we found that quite a ..

History of Sydney Harbour Bridge in numbers!

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1,400 – the number of men it took to construct the Bridge 8 – the numbers of years it took to build the Bridge 122,000 – the cubic metres of rock excavated for the foundations 6,000,000 & 53,000 – hand-driven rivets and tonnes of steel used in construction respectively 272,000 – the litres of paint required for the initial..

New and exciting range of historical Ancient Greek & Roman Coin Books available now at our Downies Southgate store

New and exciting range of historical Ancient Greek & Roman Coin Books available now at our Downies Southgate store

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Downies Southgate Melbourne Store has just received a new and wide range of Ancient Greek and Roman Coin and Historical Books in-store - all at competitive prices! The range of these books covers the entire period of Ancient Greek and Roman History from Alexander the Great through to the last emperors of the Roman Empire. These books are written by..

Perth ANDA Money Expo Appointments Available!

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Presented by the Australasian Numismatics Dealers Association (ANDA), and sure to attract dealers, collectors and investors from right across Australia, the Perth Money Expo will be held at the Domain Stadium, Subiaco on February 11 & 12. Highlighted by the presence of the Perth Mint, along with 15+ dealers, large crowds are expected to atte..

Downies – inspiring collectors for 85 years

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Founded by Phil Downie in 1932, during the depths of the Great Depression, Downies celebrates its 85th anniversary in 2017. Here are just a few of the key highlights on our long journey to become the undisputed leader in Australian coins and banknotes. Young Phil in 19321932 – The beginning… A young man with a big dream, 16-year-old Phi..

‘Auction Consignment Specialist’ required at Downies Australian Coin Auctions

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Australia’s oldest and foremost numismatic auction house, Downies Australian Coin Auctions maintains a strong presence not only in Melbourne, but right around the world. A new specialist position has just been created for our Auction team and, given that those who visit our website are knowledgeable in the field of numismatics, this is the perfe..

Centenary of the Battle of Fromelles

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Following their well-organised withdrawal from the Dardanelles in late 1915, Australia’s Gallipoli veterans recovered in Egypt, before being dispatched to Europe with fresh recruits from home. It was at the Battle of Fromelles in northern France that Aussie diggers got their first taste of action on the Western Front. For many, it would also be t..