The Royal Australian Mint’s First Ever Triangle Coin?

Mar 20, 2014 Leave Comment

It has been exactly one year since the Royal Australian Mint announced the groundbreaking 2013 $5 Parliament House Triangular Silver Proof on March 18th, 2013. The very first 3-sided Australian legal tender coin, this sensational release naturally attracted interest from news media around the world. It was exciting to see an Australian numismatic c..

Mule Madness!

Mar 14, 2014 Leave Comment

The following was penned by Downies employee Jimmy… If you read my previous blog post – on the incuse Millennium 50c I found in my change – you would be aware that I have only worked at Downies for a short period of time. Before this, I had only a slight interest in coins, but not much more than occasionally noticing an interesting one in my..

Insane Incuse Investigation!

Feb 27, 2014 Leave Comment

The following was penned by Downies employee Jimmy... On Saturday last week, I ventured to the shops to buy a coffee. Upon receiving my change, I instinctively started to sort through the coins, looking for anything interesting. This is a relatively new habit of mine, only picked up since I started working at Downies last October. Even then, ‘ch..

Choice Change Challenge – An unusual Platypus for an unusual year

Feb 13, 2014 Leave Comment

Here we have another entry from Choice Change Challenger Alex – he has done some digging and unearthed an interesting story behind a year that keeps showing up during The Challenge. As Australia basks in the glory of only the third ever 5-0 Ashes cricket whitewash, it reminds us of the “King” of the Australian 20c series, the 2001 Donald Bra..

Laundering Money – Cleaning dirty banknotes worldwide!

Feb 05, 2014 Leave Comment

In great news for conspiracy theorists everywhere, the next major monetary policy introduced by the governments around the world could be laundering money – literally. Researchers Nabil M. Lawandy and Andrei Smuk have identified a cleaning technique using "supercritical" CO2 that could save billions of dollars and reduce the environmental impact..

Australia has already dropped the 1c and 2c coins; should we go one step further and ditch the 5c too?

Jan 24, 2014 Leave Comment

The article was prepared by Archie S., who joined our team recently during his Year 10 work experience. We think he did a great job – how about you? In a previous post we discussed the doing away of the penny by the Canadian treasury due to increased production costs and it seems that Australia’s own five cent coin is facing the spotlight fo..

Half-price shipping through November!

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Been waiting to secure that RAM Mint Set or Perth Mint 1oz Silver Proof? Well, wait no longer! Downies has… From now until the end of November, DECEMBER! Downies is offering half-price shipping throughout Australia on ALL ORDERS placed from now until the 30th of November! Promotion extended until the end of December! With shipping just $4.40 f..

Choice Change Challenge: A challenger speaks out!

Oct 04, 2013 Leave Comment

The entry below was contributed by Alex, one of the brave contestants in the Choice Change Challenge. The life of a coin collector is, at times, tough. George and I, after an early flurry of commemoratives, have now come to a grinding halt. We now know… collecting coins can be tough! Having said that though, the other lesson learnt by this buddi..

The most important Saturday on the Australian Calendar

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I can only assume that you know that tomorrow, Saturday the 7th of September, 2013, is a very important occasion for all Australians. That’s right – it’s World Beard Day! Held on the first Saturday of September each year, it is the one day of 365 that the gloriously bearded are accorded the respect and adoration they deserve. Downies has a..

Kidney Kar Rally Update Part 2!

Aug 30, 2013 Leave Comment

Day 4: Repairs and cleaning Not much to report today. We of course have a somewhat 'less than perfect' car so our objective today was to get the parts needed to fix it. Drove slowly to Toowoomba to collect some parts from Subaru there then headed north to Bundaberg where we picked up some more. Spoke to the service manager at Subaru here and he has..