Choice Change Challenge – Henry Parkes in our pocket!

Jun 06, 2014 Leave Comment

Here we have another entry from Choice Change Challenger Alex! The Choice Change Challenge... hmmm.... when the Online Team here at Downies asked George and I how the challenge was coming along, and whether we had any exciting new finds to share, we were distressed to respond in the negative. Aside from a 2000 50c issued for the Queen's Royal Vis..

Treasures in your change: 20c – What to look for

May 28, 2014 Leave Comment

The following was penned by Downies employee Jimmy… Welcome to the second entry in my ‘Treasures in your change’ series, focusing on rare circulating decimal types that you might find in your change! My last entry – that you can read HERE – was based on the 5c piece and 10c piece, and this one will focus on the 20c piece. Now, while you..

Aussies – You could have a $2,500 coin in your change right now!

May 26, 2014 Leave Comment

The humble Australian 20c piece has a surprising number of secrets – one of which is worth a potential $2,500 to anyone lucky enough to find it. Over at we’ve put together an infographic that takes a look at the 20 cent piece, and some of the valuable error types that can be found in change. Check it out here Have you found a val..

The Australian $1 Celebrates its 30th Anniversary!

May 14, 2014 Leave Comment

Exactly 30 years ago today, the Reserve Bank of Australia introduced the $1 coin into circulation, on May 14th, 1984. It replaced the $1 banknote that had circulated since the inception of Decimal Currency in 1966. Stuart Devlin’s now famous Mob of Roos featured on that initial circulating $1 coin and has been a favourite amongst collector and no..

Auction 317: Amazing Predecimal Proof Consignments

Apr 24, 2014 Leave Comment

Some amazing lots have been consigned to Auction 317, with perhaps none more spectacular than this array of astonishing Australian Predecimal Proofs. 1925 Halfpenny FDC Struck only for archival purposes, and for distribution to other mints and public institutions such as museums, as with virtually all pre-1955 FDC/Proof coins, the 1925 Halfpenn..

Treasures in your change: 5c and 10c – What to look for

Apr 03, 2014 Leave Comment

The following was penned by Downies employee Jimmy… As you may have seen in my previous blogs (here and here), there are quite a lot of rare, unusual circulating coins that are hotly pursued by collectors. This had a lot of people asking (along with myself), what else should we be looking for in our change? What might some of these circulating o..

The most secure coin in the world? How The Royal Mint is fighting back at crime!

Mar 31, 2014 Leave Comment

The discovery of a multi-million dollar international counterfeiting and smuggling ring has prompted The Royal Mint to redesign their 1 pound coins. A Dutch crime organisation, who had set up their own modern minting facility complete with legitimate sounding company name and credentials, had been targeting the UK pound coins for some time before B..

The Royal Australian Mint’s First Ever Triangle Coin?

Mar 20, 2014 Leave Comment

It has been exactly one year since the Royal Australian Mint announced the groundbreaking 2013 $5 Parliament House Triangular Silver Proof on March 18th, 2013. The very first 3-sided Australian legal tender coin, this sensational release naturally attracted interest from news media around the world. It was exciting to see an Australian numismatic c..

Mule Madness!

Mar 14, 2014 Leave Comment

The following was penned by Downies employee Jimmy… If you read my previous blog post – on the incuse Millennium 50c I found in my change – you would be aware that I have only worked at Downies for a short period of time. Before this, I had only a slight interest in coins, but not much more than occasionally noticing an interesting one in my..

Insane Incuse Investigation!

Feb 27, 2014 Leave Comment

The following was penned by Downies employee Jimmy... On Saturday last week, I ventured to the shops to buy a coffee. Upon receiving my change, I instinctively started to sort through the coins, looking for anything interesting. This is a relatively new habit of mine, only picked up since I started working at Downies last October. Even then, ‘ch..