2017 Kidney Kar Rally – Griffith

Aug 14, 2017 Leave Comment

Editor's note: Straight from the front seat of the Downies 'Kar', Navigator Kath Downie will be keeping us updated on all the thrills and spills she and Driver Ken face while participating in the 2017 Kidney Kar Rally. Here's her first entry! We’ve made it to Griffith, the starting point of this year’s rally! First on the list today was c..

Last day -Tamworth to Taree

Aug 21, 2016 Leave Comment

Wow! What a last day we had! There had been some rain in the wee small hours of the morning, so we knew that at least the first stage was going to a slippery one - and a big stage it was too - 107km Class 3. And we managed to come in spot on time, so we were off to a good start! The next stage took us through Barrington Tops - it was a stage wit..

Day 7 – Narrabri to Tamworth

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Just an update on the strut...Mike (from Kar 1996, which had been totalled the previous day) arrived a little after 10pm (direct from Dubbo Hospital after breaking his hand in the accident) with our new strut. It was after midnight last night when Dion from Kar 0157 and John from Kar 2009 finished working on our Kar. We can never express our gratit..

Day 5 – Rest Day and Day 6 – Dubbo to Narrabri

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Day 5 Before I get on to the days rallying, I should explain why there was no blog post for yesterday - it was our rest day! We usually have a rest day mid rally to allow people to have a break and attend to things like getting their Kars fixed and doing their laundry and well...just having a break! Of course we had pre-ordered two tyres (from two..

Day 4 – West Wyalong to Dubbo

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Well it was a good day relatively speaking...there were some major changes to the routes we were taking so it was a bit of late preparation for the navigators to change the directions in their road books. The first rally was changed from a Class 3 to a Class 2 as they had to re-route us around a particularly difficult part of the stage, again becau..

Orange to West Wyalong

Aug 16, 2016 Leave Comment

[caption id="attachment_1808" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Billy, the Kidney Kar Rally mascot, waves us off[/caption] Nothing special to report from last night really...we managed to move up a few places, only losing 2 points for being early in the first section, 3 for being early in the second and believe it or not, we were even in the last s..

Day 2 – Oberon to Orange

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From a very chilly Oberon this morning, we headed off on a short transport section to reach the first rally for the day. A 64km Class 3 with lots of forest and quite a few Roos. We hit some big rocks and fallen trees but the Kar seemed to bounce over most and we came through unscathed! [caption id="attachment_1802" align="aligncenter" width="225"]..

Day 1 of the Rally

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Well day 1 is done! Can't say with my hand on my heart that it was a great day, but we did OK! Started with a 38 km transport to get us to the start of the real stuff. And start with a vengeance we did. A class 4 (average speed 60km per hour) for 65km where the opening warning in the road book was a triple caution to look out for abundant wildlife..

Update from Bathurst

Aug 13, 2016 Leave Comment

And the fun begins! A very full day today and we haven't even started rallying yet! [caption id="attachment_1788" align="aligncenter" width="288"] Mount Panorama[/caption] First up this morning we headed up the famous Mount Panorama where registration and scrutineering were conducted at the Bathurst Light Car Club on Conrod Straight. All our saf..

We have arrived!

Aug 12, 2016 Leave Comment

Only just over 5 hours driving today from Wodonga to Bathurst where we were greeted by blue sky and warmth through the Kar windows...of course it was a little chillier outside the Kar, but only a little. We passed through many towns today - including Young, Cowra, Lyndhurst, Carcoar and Blayney - but the most noticeable thing was the lack of canol..