Poppy palaver: The coin that came in from the cold

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Donning cloaks and drawing daggers, the Royal Canadian Mint issued the first colour coin for circulation, the Canadian 2004 Coloured Poppy 25c. Given that Australia has just had its first circulating colour coin issue the 2012 $2 Remembrance Day commemorative – which also features a poppy and has been garnering a lot of attention – what better ..

2012 $1 Deadly and Dangerous Funnel Web 1oz Silver proof – SOLD OUT

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Demonstrating that the Deadly & Dangerous 1oz Silver Proof Series is far from dead, the latest edition – the 2012 $1 Funnel Web 1oz Silver proof – has sold out in what may well be the quickest time of all coins in the series thus far! The seventh coin in this incredibly popular series, the Funnel Web was actually all but sold out before D..

2011 Beijing International Coin Exposition East Meets West 1/2 oz Two-Coin Set

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Spectacularly sought after, the 2011 Beijing International Coin Exposition 2-coin set has left hungry collectors frantically searching to secure their ‘East Meets West’ souvenir. A culturally combined issue, the Perth Mint has intricately united elements of Beijing and Australia – delivering one of the most popular 2-coin sets of the year. ..

2012 Tasmanian Wedge-Tailed Eagle 1oz Silver Proof

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Majestic, Exclusive & Stunningly Rare! An extremely exclusive tribute to a renowned Australian species, the second release in the sold out ‘Extinct and Endangered’ series pays tribute to one of the most distinctive birds of prey – the Tasmanian Wedge-Tailed Eagle. Spectacularly powerful, forcefully independent and the ruler of the sk..


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A legendary battle that instigated Medieval England Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the notorious Three Kings of 1936, comes the Niue 2011 $5 Three Kings of 1936 Silver Proof.  Issued in remembrance of a series of chain reactions that saw the passing of George V, voluntary abdication of Edward VIII and finally the crowning of George VI, the Th..

Protecting Australia’s Endangered Species – National Threatened Species Day – September 7

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Developed as a Government Initiative to raise awareness of our endangered species, National Threatened Species Day is an annual event held throughout Australia on September 7. Founded in 1996 to commemorate the date of the death of the last known Tasmanian tiger held in captivity in Hobart in 1936, National Threatened Species Day supports numer..

Star Wars 1oz Silver Proof Collections and Base-Metal Coins!

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Collectible STAR WARS™ legal tender coins coming to a universe near you One of cinema’s most enduring and beloved franchises, the Star Wars Saga has made its imprint on books, TV, toys, soft goods, kitchen wares, video games, comic books and much, much more—but never as a legal tender coin set available in the U.S. Until now! After obtaini..

The Last Tasmanian Tiger 3D Lenticular coins

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2011 $1 Tasmanian Tiger Lenticular Gold-Plated Prooflike Celebrating one of the true icons of Australia’s natural and cultural history with the latest in 21st century minting techniques, this stunning tribute to the Tasmanian Tiger is most notable for its sensational Lenticular Moving Image. The reverse design features the very last of the spe..

Deadly and Dangerous! ~ Tuvalu $1 Australia’s Box Jellyfish 1oz Silver Proof

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A sensational addition to one of the hottest series in numismatics, the latest in the Australian Deadly & Dangerous Series has just been unveiled! A characteristically stunning example of The Perth Mint’s unparalleled full-colour minting techniques, this dramatic new legal tender coin honours one of the world’s most lethal aquatic inhabita..

2011 $2 First Crossing of the Simpson Desert 1oz Silver Proof

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Ted Colson - the man behind the milestone... To many, Australia’s grand tradition of exploration ended during the wild colonial days of the 19th century – but this is not the case. Such is the nature of the ‘wide brown land’, the Australian Continent still had many secrets in the 20th century, and many men, driven by a thirst for knowled..