1813 NSW Silver Dump Type D/2 - PCGS XF45

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1813 NSW Silver Dump Type D/2 - PCGS XF45

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  • Incredibly rare and historic Australian colonial coin
  • One of Australia's first locally struck coins
  • Less than 1,000 Dumps believed to exist today
  • Only a tiny percentage of Dumps are of the D/2 type
  • Officially assessed and graded by PCGS at XF45
  • This example would rank in the top few per cent of surviving examples
  • Only one example available!


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Incredibly rare and historic Australian colonial coin!

A compelling combination of rich colonial history and unquestionable rarity, the 1813 New South Wales Dump is one of Australia’s most important, most desirable coins. The finest example of this coin we have ever offered, we are proud to present the excessively rare 1813 NSW Silver Dump D/2 Type in premium grade Extremely Fine! 

Australia’s first locally struck coins, the 1813 NSW Holey Dollar and Dump were part of a clever attempt by Australia’s fifth Governor, Lachlan Macquarie, to ensure the retention of currency in the young colony. An inspired example of early Australian ingenuity, Macquarie procured 40,000 Spanish Silver Dollars from India, worth five shillings apiece, and then directed an ex-convict, William Henshall, to punch the centre from each. A shady character, the counterfeiter Henshall also created the dies used to counter-strike what were now two separate coins. 

The counter-striking of the two coins with new denominations was the key to Macquarie’s plan. With the new Holey Dollar given a value of five shillings, and the Dump regulated at 15 Pence, Macquarie had increased the value of the coins by 25%, and had also doubled the number of coins to be placed in circulation from 40,000 to 80,000. The lifeblood of the economy until the early 1820s, legal tender status was officially withdrawn in 1829, and most were either swapped for British currency or melted for the silver. 

Of the less than 1,000 Dumps believed to exist today, only a tiny percentage are of the D/2 type. Indeed, the D/2 is three times as rare as the A/1 type. Instantly identifiable as a D/2, the cross on the crown on this example points between the ‘U’ and ‘T’ in ‘SOUTH’, there are stops between the words ‘NEW’, ‘SOUTH’ and ‘WALES’, and the pearls in the crown are equal in size and touch the top of the band.

A vast majority of D/2 Dumps are well worn, with a minuscule number in better grade. Featuring fantastic detail in the lettering and the Crown, the date of the D/2 before you is very clear and completely on the flan. This is most unusual for a D/2, and is indicative of the supreme state of preservation of the coin. In addition, traces of the original 8 Reales host coin are evident. 

Most importantly, we have never offered a better example of the historic 1813 NSW Silver Dump – regardless of the type. Officially assessed and graded by PCGS at XF45 – the equivalent of Extremely Fine – this exceptional coin would rank in the top few per cent of surviving examples.

More Information
Country of IssueAustralia
Year of Issue1813
Metal Purity (%)90.00
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