1966-2021 Uncirculated Decimal 494-Coin Collection

1966-2021 Uncirculated Decimal 494-Coin Collection

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  • Comprises 494 decimal coins from 1966 to 2021.
  • Includes many scarce and not-issued-for-circulation types!
  • Every coin presented in strictly Uncirculated quality.
  • Available at more than $1,100 below market value!
  • Presented in four albums – valued at $400+ but yours FREE!
  • Tiny number of sets in stock! Click add to cart now!
  • Folder colour may vary
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1999-2019 5c-$2 IRB&JC DEC COLL BU (215)
1985-98 1c-$2 MAKLOUF DEC COLL BU (100)
1966-84 1c-$1 MACHIN DEC COLL BU (123)
2020-21 Uncirculated Decimal 56-Coin Collection

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1966-2021 Uncirculated Decimal 494-Coin Collection
1966-2021 Uncirculated Decimal 494-Coin Collection

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In stock
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    The Ultimate Decimal Collection…

    Defined by pristine quality, superb presentation and fantastic value, the 1966-2021 Uncirculated Decimal 494-Coin Collection is a dream acquisition for any collector

    Comprises 494 coins – in Uncirculated quality!

    This incredible presentation comprises four sets – the 1966-84 Machin 123-Coin Collection, the 1985-98 Maklouf 100-Coin Collection, the 1999-2019 Rank-Broadley 209-Coin Collection and 2019-21 Clark 62-Coin Collection. Set in four deluxe albums (valued at $400+, but yours FREE), the collections are packed with crucial, highly sought after coins – many valued at $100+

    More than $1,100 below market value!

    Put simply, it would be completely impossible to assemble the 1966-2021 Uncirculated Decimal 494-Coin Collection from your change. Even if you could, you would never find these coins in the strictly Uncirculated condition that defines this astonishing presentation. And just the mere thought of assembling every date, mintmark, privymark and type found in this 494-coin collection is exhausting!

    Tiny number of collections available!

    As you will understand, a collection such as this is incredibly difficult to assemble, and we have a tiny number available. Whether you choose to pay right now, or take advantage of our convenient layby terms, immediate action is essential. Click add to cart now!

    Comprising an astounding 494 Uncirculated coins, issued from the start of the decimal era until 2021, this fantastic presentation comprises findividual collections…

    The 1966-84 Machin Portrait 123-Coin Collection

    • Twenty-one 1c coins, including the Melbourne, Perth & RAM 1966 mintmark issues, and rare 1968 1c.
    • Twenty-one 2c coins, highlighted by the Melbourne, Perth & RAM 1966 mintmark issues, and rare 1968 1c.
    • Twenty-one 5c coins, featuring the RAM & Royal Mint 1966 mintmark issues, and 1981 Wavy Hair 5c.
    • Twenty 10c coins, headlined by the RAM & Royal Mint 1966 mintmark issues.
    • Twenty-one 20c coins, encompassing the RAM & Royal Mint 1966 mintmark. issues, all the rare early dates, and the Canadian 3.5 Claws 20c Variety!
    • Eighteen 50c coins, starring the 1966 Silver Round, and five commemoratives!
    • One $1 coin – the very first Australian $1 coin!

    The 1985-98 Maklouf 100-Coin Collection

    • Seven 1c coins, featuring two not-issued-for-circulation dates.
    • Seven 2c coins, highlighted by four not-issued-for-circulation dates.
    • Fourteen 5c coins, including two not-issued-for-circulation dates.
    • Fourteen 10c coins, headlined by four not-issued-for-circulation dates.
    • Fifteen 20c coins – encompassing Australia’s first 20c commemorative (1995 UN 20c) and NINE not-issued-for-circulation dates!
    • Fourteen 50c coins, starring five commemoratives and five not-issued-for-circulation dates.
    • Thirteen $1 coins, featuring five commemoratives and four not-issued-for-circulation dates.
    • Eleven $2 coins, highlighted by Australia’s first $2 (1988), and not-issued-for-circulation 1991 date.
    • Five BONUS not-issued-for-circulation $1 commemorative coins!

     The 1999-2019 Rank-Broadley/Clark 215-Coin Collection

    • Twenty-two 5c coins, including Australia’s first commemorative 5c!
    • Twenty-two 10c coins, featuring Australia’s first commemorative 10c!
    • Thirty-eight 20c coins, starring seventeen commemoratives.
    • Thirty-eight 50c coins, encompassing twenty-two commemoratives.
    • Thirty-eight $1 coins, highlighted by eighteen commemoratives, scarce 2012 Roos $1 and 2019 ‘A’, ‘U’ & ‘S’ Privymark coins.
    • Fifty-one $2 coins – with thirty commemoratives, including twenty-seven colour types!
    • Six BONUS coins – the scarce Jody Clark first year of issue 2019 6-coin set from 5c to $2!

    The 2019-21 Clark 62-Coin Collection

    • Three 5c coins, including Australia’s two lowest mintage 5c dates (2019 & 2021).
    • Three 10c coins, highlighted by the lowest mintage date of the 10c series (2021).
    • Three 20c coins, featuring the second lowest mintage Platypus 20c (2019).
    • Three 50c coins, headlined Australia’s two lowest mintage 50c dates (2019 & 2020).
    • Three Roos $1 coins, with two lowest mintage $1 dates (2020, 430,000; 2021, 100,000).
    • Twenty-eight $1 commemoratives, including complete 2021 Great Aussie Coin Hunt Set!
    • Nineteen $2 coins, encompassing SIXTEEN colour $2 commemoratives!

    A truly incredible presentation, the 1966-2021 Uncirculated Decimal 494-Coin Collection comprises…

    • TWENTY-EIGHT 1c coins from 1966 to 1991
    • TWENTY-EIGHT 2c coins from 1966 to 1991
    • SIXTY 5c coins from 1966 to 2021
    • FIFTY-NINE 10c coins from 1966 to 2021
    • SEVENTY-SEVEN 20c coins from 1966 to 2021
    • SEVENTY-THREE 50c coins from 1966 to 2021
    • EIGHTY-EIGHT $1 coins from 1984 to 2021
    • EIGHTY-ONE $2 coins from 1988 to 202
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