1968 5-Coin Year Set Uncirculated

1968 5-Coin Year Set Uncirculated

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  • Comprises five coins – the 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c and 20c – with no 50c issued in 1968
  • Each coin taken from an original Mint Roll and presented in strictly Uncirculated condition
  • Set within a Mint Set-style pack, the same as RAM Mint Sets issued from 1984

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As in 1967, there was no official Mint Set issued in 1968 - leaving a gaping hole in the decimal series. Thankfully for the serious collector, our 1968 Uncirculated Set solves the problem! A vital acquisition if you are aiming to assemble a complete decimal collection in top grade, or if you are keen to fill that annoying gap in your RAM Mint Set collection, the 1968 Uncirculated Set comprises an example of each coin type issued in 1968 - taken from original Mint Rolls and in superb Uncirculated condition!

Australia's third annual decimal coinage issue comprised only the copper 1c & 2c, along with the cupro-nickel 5c, 10c & 20c – with no 50c denomination issued for circulation in 1968. Not only was there no 50c coin issued for circulation in 1968 – there was no official Australian Mint Set either! Whether the concept was abandoned due to the Government's ongoing indecisiveness over the potential successor to the fatally flawed 1966 Silver Round 50c, or whether it was down to an inability co-ordinate three mints (RAM, Melbourne & Perth) to produce a collector set, no Mint Sets were issued in 1968. With no Mint Set issued in 1967 either, the disappointment among collectors when the news broke in 1968 was palpable. 

With no collector sets issued in this year, the coins of 1968 can only be secured from circulation, and with exactly 45 years having passed, this is no easy task. Of course, it is simply not possible to obtain the long-gone 1c and 2c coins from change, and even if you do source the 5c, 10c or 20c, they will never be found in anything other than well circulated condition. Indeed, it is the scarcity of the coins of 1968 in premium grade – the 1968 20c catalogues at A$100 in Unc, for example, with the 1968 2c valued at A$80 – that makes this opportunity so important. 

Presented in an attractive pack, exactly the same in style as the Mint Sets issued by the Royal Australian Mint from 1984 to the current day, the 1968 coin collection presented here comprises coins taken from official Mint Rolls and is therefore underpinned by immaculate Uncirculated quality. 

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Country of IssueAustralia
Year of Issue1968
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