2016 $10 Egyptian Labyrinth Silver Proof

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2016 $10 Egyptian Labyrinth Silver Proof

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With the mintage restricted to a mere 999 coins - each set within an utterly unique, one-of-a-kind case depicting a portion of the Labyrinth - it is no surprise that the 2016 $10 Egyptian Labyrinth Silver Proof sold out at super speed. We fought hard for an allocation, however, and we are delighted to be able to offer this awe-inspiring release. Do not delay your order!

  • Unique tribute to the Egyptian Labyrinth - a true wonder of the Ancient World
  • Strictly limited mintage of 999 sold out - just a few coins in stock
  • Struck to immaculate Proof quality from 50g of 99.9% pure silver
  • Official Cook Islands legal tender - spans 50mm in diameter
  • Set within a unique, one-of-a-kind case portraying a portion of the Labyrinth

The Egyptian Labyrinth

Among the most fascinating elements of Ancient Egypt, the Egyptian Labyrinth was a vast, grandiose underground complex believed to have been built in the 19th century BC.

Whilst known to be a temple of Amenemhet, where daily offerings for the spirit of the pharaoh could be made, the Labyrinth is believed to have served many different purposes. It is likely to have been a meeting place for Egyptian political leaders, and also an administrative centre. Comprising interconnected buildings, courtyards, passageways, shrines and more, the Labyrinth was distinguished by its confusing layout and multitudinous winding paths. Designed to confuse tomb raiders, the pyramid linked to the Labyrinth comprised a complicated maze.

One of few recorded eyewitness reports, the 5th century BC Greek historian Herodotus wrote that the Labyrinth even 'surpasses the pyramids' in its grandeur. 1st century BC Greek philosopher Strabo described the complex as 'a great palace comprising many palaces', marvelling at the enormity of the stone slabs used for the roof and walls. Finding evidence of a grand building over a huge area, 19th century British archaeologist Flinders Petrie estimated that the Egyptian Labyrinth would have measured an enormous 300 metres by 240 metres!

Although some believe the Labyrinth has survived to this day, with knowledge of its existence suppressed by the powers-that-be, archaeological evidence suggests it fell into ruin and was completely destroyed during Roman times.'

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An inspiring tribute to a huge underground complex of Ancient Egypt, the 2016 $10 Egyptian Labyrinth Silver Proof is an astonishing work of numismatic art- almost as mind-blowing as the original Egyptian Labyrinth itself!

Celebrating one of the Ancient Worlds most intriguing, most mysterious sites, the 2016 $10 Egyptian Labyrinth Silver Proof is a spellbinding coin. Crafted from 50g of 99.9% pure silver, the broad 50mm flan forms the ideal venue for the intricately detailed reverse motif. Based on a description of the Labyrinth by 17th century Jesuit scholar Athanasius Kircher, the detail of the design is virtually beyond compare. The perfect finishing touch, a micro-labyrinth is found in the centre of the coin.
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Country of IssueCook Islands
Year of Issue2016
Weight (g)50.0000
Mintage 999
Metal Purity (%)99.90
Diameter (mm)50.00
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