Australia’s Greatest Predecimal Rarities Replica Set

Australia’s Greatest Predecimal Rarities Replica Set

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  • Comprises four replica tributes – finished in either silver or gold
  • Honours the 1923 Halfpenny, 1930 Penny, 1937 Penny Pattern and 1938 Crown
  • Housed within a case with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Certificate includes detailed information on each predecimal rarity

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Celebrating Australia’s greatest predecimal rarities…

The Australian Predecimal Rarities Replica Set celebrates some of our nation’s most important coins – and forms a powerful record of Australia’s 20th century history.

A rich insight into Australian history…

Struck from 1910 to 1964, the coins of Australia’s first national currency system are more than simply coins. They are richly symbolic, concrete reminders of the men and women who built modern Australia – those who battled against all odds as the nation faced the First World War, the Great Depression and the Second World War.

Faithful to the originals…

This unique presentation forms a powerful tribute to some of the rarest, most iconic coins issued during this key period in the development of the Australian nation. Faithful to the originals, and finished in either silver or gold, the set comprises four ‘larger-than-life’ replica commemorative tributes honouring the 1923 Halfpenny, 1930 Penny, 1937 Penny Pattern and 1938 Crown respectively. Each set is housed in a case, complete with a Certificate of Authenticity detailing the history of these fundamentally important Australian coins.

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About the originals…

1923 Halfpenny

The 1923 Halfpenny is the key to the 1911-64 Halfpenny Series – and one of the most prized Australian predecimal coins across all denominations. Although records indicate that 1.113m halfpennies were struck in 1923, the actual mintage of the 1923 Halfpenny is estimated to be around 15,000. With the number in existence well below that tiny figure, this sought after copper icon is unquestionably rare.

1930 Penny

With little coinage required due to the Great Depression, it was thought that no pennies were struck in 1930. It is now accepted that perhaps 3,000 were produced to test 1930-dated dies, with the coins released into circulation with pennies in 1931 or 1932. With approximately 1,500 examples thought exist today, the 1930 Penny is rare in any condition, and has rightly been dubbed Australia’s ‘King of Coins’.

1937 Penny Pattern

The 1937 Pattern Penny was struck as a trial as part of a comprehensive revision of Australian coin designs known as ‘the Great Recoinage’. Trial coinage was always struck in tiny numbers, and the 1937 Pattern Penny is no exception to the rule. This iconic predecimal Pattern issue is known by just ten examples! As a result, the 1937 Pattern Penny ranks as one of Australia’s rarest, most desirable coins.

1938 Crown

Australia’s largest and heaviest issued coin type, the 38.50mm, 28.27g sterling silver 1938 Crown is one of the lowest mintage issues of the predecimal era. First struck in 1937, the Crown was struck again in 1938 until authorities realised that it was unpopular as a circulation issue. Production was halted at just 101,600, and with so many melted for the silver, the 1938 Crown is now one of our key predecimal dates.

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