Bonus Points

Downies’ Bonus Points Program has one aim – to reward our clients for their loyalty. Introduced in 1993, our Bonus Points Program allows us the opportunity to offer a valuable ‘thank you’ to all of our regular clients.* And, the more you buy, the bigger your reward! With a vast array of ever-changing products, Downies’ Bonus Points Program is the perfect way to build upon your collection.

To shop with your Bonus Points, click here.

Similar in style to other Client Loyalty Programs, Downies’ Bonus Points awards ten (10) points for every dollar you spend on virtually all products appearing in our regular Money Magazine and here at our online store. With a few exceptions that will be clearly identified, simply look for the red ‘Bonus Points’ logo in our Catalogue, or browse the featured products on the Bonus Points section of our website.

With Bonus Points automatically accumulated and stored in your account, it doesn’t matter how you purchase from Downies – online, by phone, mail-order or in store – you can start redeeming your rewards today! **

Now that you know how to accumulate Downies Bonus Points, here’s how you can use them to claim your rewards!

To find out how many points you have earned, you can:

  • look on the front of your Money Magazine order form
  • call our Client Service Team, Toll free on 1300 788 358
  • check our weekly email newsletter. Please note that you must be signed up in order to receive our weekly email newsletters.
  • check our website! If you are registered and signed in to the Bonus Points section of our website, your total will be displayed on the right side bar, just below your cart details.

Released yearly, our ‘Bonus Points Rewards’ Catalogue showcases some of the products that can be ordered with Bonus Points.

Alternatively, you can redeem your Bonus Points online here, via our website! Our Bonus Points section of the website works exactly the same as our online store, except instead of real currency, you use your Bonus Points!***

You can also choose to accrue your Bonus Points to redeem higher rewards in the future. As you have three (3) years from the date of your last purchase to redeem your rewards (points earned in 2008, for example, can be redeemed right up the end of 2011!), Downies Bonus Points is a simple, convenient way for you to earn rewards for your loyalty.

If you have any further enquiries regarding our Bonus Points Program, simply contact one of our friendly Client Services Team Toll free on 1300 788 358.

Bonus Points - our way of saying thanks for your loyalty.

To shop with your Bonus Points, click here.

* Wholesale clients are not eligible for Bonus Points 
** Australian Coin Auction purchases do not earn Bonus Points 

*** Bonus Point totals are updated on a daily basis. Some customers may experience delays in updates to their totals