Coins of The Holyland 5-Coin Set

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Coins of The Holyland 5-Coin Set

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Headlined by a rare, genuine coin from the infamous Pontius Pilate, this compelling 4-coin collection takes you on a journey back over 2,000 years to the Holy Land.

As the Roman Prefect who condemned Jesus Christ to die by crucifixion, Pontius Pilate guaranteed himself eternal fame. Pilate ruled Judaea from 26 to 36AD and, some two millennia after he was recalled to Rome, his coins are very rare and highly sought after. A chance to hold Biblical history in your hands, a genuine Bronze Prutah of Pilate is included in this collection!

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Rome had ruled Judaea since the fall of the Hasmonaean dynasty - a dynasty which achieved independence under John Hyrcanus, who is also represented in the Coins of the Holy Land 4-Coin Set. A genuine Bronze Prutah of Judaean monarch Herod Agrippa (41-44AD) - grandson of Herod the Great and ally of Caligula - is also included. Completing the picture, the collection also features a Bronze Prutah of Porcius Festus (59-62AD) - Roman Procurator of Judaea, whose tactless rule helped fuel the First Jewish Revolt of 66AD. Measuring 12mm to 18mm, all four coins are in highly collectable Fine condition.

Surprisingly affordable given the rich history inherent in each Ancient Judaean coin, this breathtaking collection is presented with a genuine, original Widow's Mite. Perhaps the most famous - 'Coin of the Bible', the Widow's Mite is yours FREE!

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