British Coins

The very BEST OF BRITISH numismatics! Chart Great Britain’s history and the evolution of its coinage from enthralling ANCIENT COINS to the very best MODERN LEGAL TENDER that the Royal Mint has to offer.

An outstanding opportunity for history buffs and collectors alike, our British coins cover so many of the pivotal moments in the development of Britain. Encompassing 2,000 years of coinage from the time of the ancient Celts, Romans and Anglo Saxons, to the coins of the 17th century English Civil Wars & sought-after GOLD SOVEREIGNS of the 20th century! These coins also feature some of Britain’s most important figures - Boudicca, Henry VIII, Charles I, Elizabeth II and more! Our inventory is CONSTANTLY UPDATED WITH EXCITING NEW FINDS so that you can hold history in the palm of your hand!

Our range of modern British coins from the UK’s ROYAL MINT are just as exciting as the ancients! A respected and leading global mint, the Royal Mint leads the way in numismatic innovation, celebrating Britain’s historical figures, culture, literature, music, royalty and more! We offer only the very best from the Royal Mint in a variety of metals and finishes – from highly collectable base metal coins to precious GOLD, SILVER & PLATINUM!

Go on, have a gander! We promise you’ll be chuffed to bits…