Complete Proclamation of 1800 11-Coin Collection Extremely Fine-Uncirculated

Complete Proclamation of 1800 11-Coin Collection Extremely Fine-Uncirculated

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  • Comprises an example of all eleven coins in the Proclamation of 1800.
  • Stunning, utterly complete representation of Australia’s first currency system.
  • An immensely rare collection – seldom offered in any grade.
  • A premium presentation, with the coins grading from Extremely Fine to Uncirculated.
  • Housed within a lavish timber case complete with a Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Just two complete 11-coin collections available – click add to cart now! 

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Every coin listed on the Proclamation of 1800!

Australia’s first official currency system, the Proclamation of 1800 is the bedrock upon which Australian numismatics is built. Assembling a complete Proclamation Collection is a dream for so many, and this is your chance to make that dream come true with a single order. The collection before you includes a premium grade example of each of the eleven coins listed on the Proclamation of 1800!

Some of the world’s most famous coins…

The majority of the coins in the Proclamation of 1800 rank among the greatest icons of numismatics. Struck from nearly 1oz of gold, and known as ‘The Prize of the Proclamation’, the key is the rare Portuguese-Brazilian Johanna. The Spanish-American Silver 8 Reales, the Dutch Gold Ducat, Britain’s Gold Guinea, India’s Gold Mohur, Britain’s Cartwheel Penny…these famous coin types are hotly pursued right around the world.

An historic collection – and immensely rare…

Individually important, historic and highly sought after, the eleven Proclamation coins move to an entirely different level when brought together as a complete collection. United as one, they embody one of the key junctures of modern Australian history – the beginning of the journey from starving penal colony to thriving, united nation.

Beyond its historical importance, the Proclamation of 1800 Collection is also defined by extreme rarity. Most Proclamation coins are scarce to rare in any grade. They are unquestionably rare in the state of preservation seen here.

A premium grade presentation…

A breathtaking opportunity, we have assembled two collections in Extremely Fine to Uncirculated quality – dates of our choice. A fitting standard of presentation for such a prestigious, historic collection, the complete Proclamation 11-coin set is housed within a lavish timber case complete with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Immediate action essential!

Whether you pay right now or take advantage of our convenient layby system, you must act immediately. Click add to cart now!

For more information on Australia’s first official currency system, the Proclamation of 1800, see below…

The Proclamation of 1800…

For convict and settler alike, life was hard in the isolated colony of New South Wales. The harsh, unfamiliar landscape yielded little for the newcomers, and disease was rampant among the tiny population. Just surviving under these circumstances was an achievement, but for those who did, there was another difficulty – the lack of an official currency system.

The result? Economic chaos. Rum was the dominant measure of value, along with a range of promissory notes that were not worth the paper they were written on. A small amount of coinage, mostly secured from overseas traders, also supplemented a system largely based on barter and exchange. These coins – from Europe, Asia and the Americas – were few in number, and as they were from different currency systems, it was impossible to determine their relative values.

In 1800, a large number of 1797 Cartwheel Pennies arrived from Britain, with the huge influx of copper coinage proving the inspiration behind the Currency Proclamation of 1800. Nailed to the wall of the government stores in Sydney and Parramatta, the Proclamation of 1800 saw the colony’s then governor, Philip Gidley King, affix pre-determined values to a variety of gold, silver and copper coins.

King had hoped that this initiative would create certainty and inspire the confidence required for a stable economy, as well as halting the drain of coinage from the colony by overseas traders. The success of these twin aims was mixed, but one thing is certain. When Governor King made this bold move on November 19, 1800, he initiated Australia’s first official currency system, and created one of the key building blocks of the study of numismatics in Australia.

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