Deadly & Dangerous Gold Coin Collection

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Deadly & Dangerous Gold Coin Collection

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  • Official legal tender coins
  • Struck in solid 14-carat gold!
  • Superb Prooflike quality
  • Range of FREE Accessories
  • Only 500 collections available in Australia
  • Each coin caries a ‘Deadly & Dangerous’ privymark – exclusive to this gold coin collection.



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Get up close and personal with Australia’s most notorious creatures, thanks to the Deadly & Dangerous Gold Coin Collection! This series of seven eye-catching coins captures these iconic Australian animals in solid, 14-carat gold. Begin your collection with the ‘Red-Back Spider’ coin, now available for the subscriber-only price of just $79.95. That’s an instant saving of $30! Your remaining coins will be available at the convenient rate of one per month, for $109.95.

Additional monthly releases in your subscription will pay homage to other dangerous creatures, from the Great White Shark to the Saltwater Crocodile. In addition to their stunning designs, all coins feature a ‘Deadly & Dangerous’ ‘D’ privymark – entirely exclusive to these coins.

Smart Collecting with Macquarie Mint

Save money immediately! When you order The Deadly & Dangerous Gold Coin Collection with us, you will immediately SAVE $30 on your first issue, and get a range of free accessories as complimentary gifts - only for Macquarie Mint subscribers.

Your free accessories include a:

  • Full-colour informative booklet, delving deeper into the details surrounding each fascinating creature
  • Certificate of Authenticity with each release
  • Certificate of Ownership
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Custom-made, timber presentation case

Never miss out on a new release! Each gold coin will be shipped to you at a convenient monthly rate. You don’t need to do anything except sit back and enjoy regular and reliable deliveries.

No risk collecting! You can be assured that each issue in your gold coin collection is the highest quality and has been individually inspected before being shipped to you. You may also return any release within 14 days of receipt for a full refund of the purchase price, or cancel this collection at any time.

What is a Subscription? We make it easy for you to complete any collection by signing up for our convenient and affordable Subscription Plan. This means with your regular payments, you’ll receive your next releases in reliable monthly deliveries, so you can be assured of a complete collection. And you have the freedom to pause or cancel your subscription at any time, just call us Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm and we will arrange it for you!


Red-Back Spider
Australia’s most famous arachnid is also considered one of the country’s most dangerous. It’s the females of the species who bear the iconic, vivid-red stripe.

Future releases and deliveries*


Eastern Brown Snake
The second-most toxic of all land snakes worldwide, this Australian snake is fast, aggressive and extremely dangerous



Blue Ringed Octopus
This visually distinctive creature is famous for its electric-blue ring pattern – and its toxic bite! A common Blue Ringed Octopus produces enough venom to kill 26 people within minutes.



Spider-Hunting Scorpion

This ‘specialist’ scorpion targets burrowing spiders, kills and feasts upon their bodies and then claims their burrows for its own.



Saltwater Crocodile
The world’s largest living reptile is equipped with powerful jaws, razor-sharp teeth and a length of up to five-and-a-half metres! It’s an opportunistic killer, preying upon animals as large as horses, cattle and humans.



Great White Shark
Feared and revered by surfers along Australia’s coastline, this terrifying shark can reach up to six metres in length!



Australia’s largest carnivorous mammal has an unpredictable nature, preferring to hunt its prey in packs at dawn and dusk

*Actual order of deliveries is subject to change

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More Information
Country of IssueSolomon Islands
Year of Issue2019
Metal Purity (%)58.50
Diameter (mm)11.00
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