Diocletian 284-305AD Silver Argenteus good Very Fine

Diocletian 284-305AD Silver Argenteus good Very Fine

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A coin of breathtaking quality, defined by quite incredible detail in the obverse portrait, this rare Roman Silver Argenteus is a genuine issue from the pivotal reign of the Roman Emperor Diocletian.

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Rising to power through the military, Diocletian played a key role in ending the Crisis of the 3rd Century. Understanding that the empire was too large for one man to rule, Diocletian created the Tetrarchy – the Rule of Four – and he and his fellow emperors nullified the threats that had taken Rome to the brink of collapse.

This sensational Diocletian Silver Argenteus is defined by an exquisite portrait – and a reverse celebrating the Tetrarchy. Depicting the four emperors together, this show of unity would not last for long after Diocletian became the first Roman ruler to voluntarily abdicate in 305AD. In little more than a century, the empire would decay and, in the west, collapse completely.

Graded good Very Fine, the coin before you is a stark reminder of one of the last highpoints of one of the world’s greatest political entities.

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Year of Issue284-305 A.D
GradeVery Fine
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