Fausta 307-326AD Bronze AE3-4 Very Fine

Fausta 307-326AD Bronze AE3-4 Very Fine

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  • A genuine coin of Fausta – the first wife of Constantine the Great.
  • All coins of this Roman Empress are considered very scarce.
  • Guaranteed to be a genuine, original coin of the Ancient Roman Empire.
  • Offered in highly collectable Fine to Very Fine condition.
  • Tiny number of Fausta Ancient Roman coins available – click add to cart now!

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An important figure in early 4th century Ancient Roman history, Fausta was the second wife of Roman Emperor Constantine the Great.

Although Constantine held Fausta in the highest esteem, and had her declared Roman Empress (Augusta) in 324AD, that was all to change in 326AD. It was in that year that both Fausta and Crispus, Constantine’s son by his first wife, were put to death by the emperor. Although there is much speculation as to the exact circumstances of the executions, there seems little doubt that the deaths were interlinked.

As was the way of Ancient Roman imperial politics, it is possible that Fausta conspired to have Crispus killed so that her own sons would take precedence in line to the throne. Alternatively, it is suggested that Fausta had attempted to seduce her stepson, had been rejected, and sought revenge. Or could it have been that Fausta and Crispus were indeed having an affair, and plotted against Constantine, but the emperor discovered their plans? We will probably never know.

What seems likely on the evidence, however, is that Constantine believed some false accusation by Fausta against his son, and that he had Crispus tried, condemned and executed. When Constantine discovered that he had been tricked, his retribution was swift and brutal, with Fausta being boiled alive.

Fascinating and historic, coins of the Roman Empress Fausta are also very scarce. Don’t miss the chance to add a genuine Ancient Roman coin of Fausta to your collection. Click add to cart now!

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Year of Issue307-326 A.D.
GradeFine to Very Fine
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