German East Africa 1916 One Rupie Extremely Fine - about Uncirculated

German East Africa 1916 One Rupie Extremely Fine - about Uncirculated

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  • A unique artefact of WWI – issued in 1916 by colonial German East Africa.
  • Issued as emergency currency after the colony was cut off from Germany by an Allied blockade.
  • Offered in premium grade Extremely Fine to about Uncirculated quality.
  • Irresistible value-for-money for such a fascinating WWI note!

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An original artefact of the First World War

Issued as emergency wartime currency when an Allied naval blockade cut Germany off from the colony, the German East Africa One Rupie banknote is a fascinating piece of WWI history.

The expanding German Empire

As with so many European nations, Germany had colonial possessions across the world – including Africa. The colony of German East Africa was created when Germany was asked by the German East Africa Company to put down a rebellion in the late 1880s, and encompassed modern day Burundi, Rwanda and mainland Tanzania. It was the most populous colony of the German Empire, comprising approximately 7.5 million people.

WWI – a truly global war…

With the major European protagonists all holding colonial possessions, the First World War quickly became the first truly global conflict. This included Africa, of course, and German East Africa became a key battleground on the continent. As it transpired, the German East African army was the only German colonial military force to avoid defeat in open combat during the war. Led by Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck, the heavily outnumbered German colonial forces used guerrilla tactics to keep the Allies busy until the end of the war. Forced to flee the colony and take on the Allies in other parts of Africa, the German East Africa military surrendered in November 1918 – three days after the Armistice was signed.

A note from the front…

German East Africa was cut off from Germany as a result of an Allied naval blockade at the start of the war, and quickly ran short of supplies – including currency. In 1916, with silver coinage being hoarded for its intrinsic value, a series of emergency banknotes was hurriedly created. The 1916 One Rupie was one such note.

Used to pay German troops fighting in the Belgian Congo, the emergency 1916 One Rupie banknote is a compelling keepsake of the First World War. Surprisingly affordable, we have a few notes in premium grade Extremely Fine to about Uncirculated condition. Click add to cart now!

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Reference NumberP.41
Banknote TypePaper
Year of Issue1916
GradeExtremely Fine to About Uncirculated
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