Julia Titi 79-90/1AD Silver Cistophorus Fine

Julia Titi 79-90/1AD Silver Cistophorus Fine

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  • Sometimes history reads like it was written by a dodgy scriptwriter for a daytime soap opera, and the life of Julia Flavia is a powerful case in point.
  • A rare, genuine artefact of an extraordinary, tragic life, we have a single Julia Flavia Silver Cistophorus available.

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Roman soap opera in silver…

Julia was born in 64AD to future Emperor Titus and Marcia Furnilla. Before Julia turned one, Titus divorced Marcia because of her family’s connection to a plot to murder Nero. On Julia’s 6th birthday, her father conquered Jerusalem – by which time her grandfather, Vespasian, was Emperor of Rome. Titus succeeded him, but his death left Julia at the mercy of her increasingly erratic uncle, Emperor Domitian, who treated his niece as his wife until she died undergoing the last of several forced abortions at the age of just 27.

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