Julius Caesar (P.S. Macer) 44BC Silver Denarius good Very Fine

Julius Caesar (P.S. Macer) 44BC Silver Denarius good Very Fine

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  • A genuine coin of iconic historical figure, Julius Caesar.
  • Struck in 44BC – the year that Caesar was assassinated.
  • The LAST coin type of Julius Caesar – immensely important.
  • Issued under the authority of the moneyer, Sepullius Macer.
  • Distinguished by the portrait of Caesar on the obverse.
  • Notable for the inscription ‘Caesar Dict Perpetuo’ – Dictator in Perpetuity.
  • Extremely rare in any grade – offered in good Very Fine.

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‘The coin that killed Caesar’!

Of almost unfathomable historical importance, this coin was struck in February and March of 44BC, and represents the very last Julius Caesar coin type issued before murdered by Brutus and his co-conspirators on the Ides of March 44BC.

Graded good Very Fine, the obverse carries the portrait of Caesar. Portrait coins of this iconic historical figure are always highly sought after, but the last Caesar type is also important and hotly pursued due to the inscription. This 2,000+ year old coin is emblazoned with the words Caesar Dict Perpetuo – Dictator in Perpetuity, the self-proclaimed title that would stir Caesar’s opponents into action, and ensure his demise. As this coin is such a bold proclamation of his pursuit of tyrannical power, some have described the type as ‘the coin that killed Caesar’! The reverse bears the sharply struck name of the moneyer, Sepullius Macer.

A compelling combination of beauty, history and extreme rarity, the last lifetime denarius type of Julius Caesar is seldom seen on the market. It is simply a must-have for the serious collector.

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