As integral to the American spirit as the stars and stripes, Cadillac is the USA’s greatest auto icon! For over 100 years Cadillac has been producing cars that are world-famous for their durability, opulent features and striking style!

Cadillac’s story began in 1902 when Henry Leland founded the Cadillac Automobile Company. Named after a French explorer, the brand was built on quality and luxury craftsmanship. When General Motors acquired Cadillac, a new era of growth and innovation began – making it a symbol of prestige and success. From Hollywood films, to iconic songs, Cadillac has left its mark on popular culture.

The cars themselves are just as impressive as the legend, from sedans to coupes in magnificent colours, embellished with luxury trims. You will find the most magnificent Cadillac model cars in a range of scales right here, featuring authentic detailing, logos and stunning grilles - features that made the Cadillac a legend!

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