Nero 54-68AD Gold Aureus Jupiter about Very Fine

Nero 54-68AD Gold Aureus Jupiter about Very Fine

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  • A genuine and extremely rare 1,950+ year-old Ancient Roman gold coin.
  • Struck in 65AD during the reign of the Emperor Nero, one of history’s most notorious figures.
  • Bears a superbly detailed portrait of the infamous Nero on the obverse.
  • Reverse depicts Jupiter, king of the gods in Ancient Roman mythology.
  • In almost Very Fine condition. Click add to cart now!

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Symbolising the worst excesses of the Roman Empire, the notoriety of the infamous Emperor Nero has ensured fierce demand for his coinage, with excessively rare gold coinage the most sought after of all. With the Nero Gold Aureus before you, this is your chance to join the elite of Ancient coin collecting.

Immensely rare, this coin is also a tangible reminder of the deterioration of Nero’s reign. The emperor’s increasingly tyrannical behaviour throughout 64 and 65AD resulted in a plot to oust him from power – the Pisonian Conspiracy, led by the leading Roman statesman, Gaius Calpurnius Piso.

Also involving several members of Nero’s court, the plan to assassinate the emperor and replace him with Piso quickly fell apart. Of the 41 known conspirators, most were executed, forced to commit suicide or exiled. The conspiracy was a key turning point in Nero’s reign, and a major step towards his overthrow and suicide in 68AD. The emperor had survived this challenge, however, and as he believed that only divine intervention had saved him, he honoured the king of the gods, Jupiter, upon the gold aurei struck in 65AD.

From a private European collection, this particular example of the 65AD Jupiter type is distinguished by a fine portrait of Nero on the obverse. Capturing the emperor’s distinctive features perfectly, with particularly strong detail in the eye, nose and mouth, this impressive example is graded almost Very Fine.

Underpinned by great rarity, fascinating history and excellent quality, this 1,950+ year old coin is a must have for the serious collector. Click add to cart now!

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