Netherlands 1921 Gold Ducat Uncirculated

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Netherlands 1921 Gold Ducat Uncirculated

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  • One of the most famous, most readily accepted international trade coins in history
  • Issued by the Netherlands almost 100 years ago!
  • A coin that commands a place in every collection
  • Part of a series that played a significant role in the early history of modern Australia
  • In strictly Uncirculated condition!


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The iconic, world-famous Dutch Ducat In superb Uncirculated quality!

The ducat takes its name from the Medieval Latin ‘ducalis’, which means relating to a duke or a dukedom. This essentially meant that a ducat, in legal terms, was a ‘duke’s coin’, or a ‘coin of the duchy’. Originally issued in 13th century Sicily, under Roger II, it was in Venice that the ducat made a deep and lasting impression on international commerce. With a weight and purity considered ideal for trade, the gold ducat was so popular that many countries followed Venice’s lead – including the provinces of the Netherlands.

The Netherlands began striking the gold ducat in the 16th century. So as to avoid upsetting other trading entities by copying current coinage, the design of the Dutch Gold Ducat originally imitated the obsolete, early Hungarian ducat type. The gold ducat evolved over time, and would ultimately carry the now world-famous design of a Knight holding seven arrows representing the seven provinces of the Netherlands.

The Dutch Gold Ducat had been specifically created to facilitate trade – initially for the Netherlands’ thriving port of Amsterdam. However, with the Dutch colonial empire expanding rapidly around the globe, the gold ducat became one of the leading coins in international commerce. Greatly respected and trusted, the Dutch Gold Ducat was readily accepted for trade anywhere in the world.

Under these circumstances, it is no surprise that the Dutch Gold Ducat played a key role in early modern Australia. Indeed, so important was the gold ducat to the early colonial economy, it was listed at a value of nine shillings, sixpence in Governor Philip Gidley King’s Proclamation of 1800 – recognised as Australia’s first official currency system. The consistency of size, weight and purity meant that the Dutch Gold Ducat continued to play a leading role in international trade deep into the 20th century – as exemplified by the 1921 Gold Ducats available here.

Struck during the reign of Queen Wilhelmina, we are delighted to have secured a small number of 1921 Gold Ducats from a recent European hoard find. Bearing the classic Knight reverse that has graced the Dutch Ducat for literally hundreds of years, the few coins available are in pristine Uncirculated condition. Underpinned by great detail in the designs, complemented by entrancing lustrous surfaces, these superb gold coins represent an irresistible opportunity to own a high-grade example of one of the world’s most famous coins – at an amazingly affordable price!

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