64 years on and still as popular as ever! Hologramatic coinage!

Celebrating the discovery of the hologram, initially created to improve the resolution of an electron microscope – 64 years on, the hologram continues to captivate consumers with its use in art, marketing, science, entertainment, engineering, data storage and security devices.

2004 Hologram Proof Set

Using a technique that captures light from a laser to record an image of a desired object onto a photographic plate, enabling the image to appear three dimensional, holograms are most commonly used in a bid to win the battle against banknote counterfeiting across the globe.

2001 bore witness to the first hologram coin to be issued throughout Australia. Released to celebrate Australia’s 100 years of federation, initially issued for $79.50, this iconic coin now retails for an incredible $675.00!

2001 $5 Federation Finale Hologram Silver ProofWith an unprecedented demand for hologram coins, 2004 saw the Royal Australian Mint and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) combine technology with numismatics to create the world’s first holographic coin that portrayed the original designs of Australia’s iconic $1 circulating coin. Enabling the five kangaroos to appear as multi-coloured holograms creating the impression of colour and movement, this feature coin was issued in the Royal Australian Mint’s 2004 Proof Year Set.

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