A Magical Tribute: A Childhood favourite immortalised in stunning legal tender.

When Hush the possum wants to be made invisible, she turns to bush magic veteran Grandma Poss for help. But making Hush visible again proves easier said than done…

First published in 1983, Possum Magic is equal parts children’s book and literary phenomenon. Millions have been sold. Multiple generations of kids have been soothed to sleep with this bedtime favourite across three decades. It’s been set to orchestral music and performed by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra; it’s been turned into a musical. And now, it is receiving a groundbreaking tribute of a different kind: Australian legal tender.

Getting what was to become Australia’s top-selling children’s book off the ground wasn’t easy, notes author Mem Fox. Her original manuscript, which she had penned as a Children’s Literature student, was rejected by publishers nine times over a five-year period. Initially titled Hush the Invisible Mouse, it wasn’t until the tenth publisher, Adelaide’s Omnibus Books, finally agreed to take on the project, on the condition that Fox make some significant changes – one of which, to change the animal to something more Australian. Fox chose Possums, and the rest, as they say, is history.

In a highly-anticipated moment, the Royal Australian Mint is set to release the stunning ‘2017 Possum Magic 8-Coin Set’ on Tuesday, 15th of August, to coincide with Children’s Book Council of Australia - Children’s Book Week 2017. The set will feature original designs, including a brand-new 1c design by Possum Magic illustrator, Julie Vivas. If one thing’s for certain, it’s that just like Hush, these coins will disappear in an instant.

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