And we're off...!

_DSC3511It was great to have all the staff, the family and even the dog, all there to say goodbye and good luck to us as we drove off this afternoon, headed for Wodonga. Just a short drive today and only a little bit longer tomorrow when we head to Bathurst. But this is the relaxing part of the trip, so we can afford to go easy! And I get to share the driving too!

The Kar behaved itself, so, touch wood, we hope it stays that way.

Given the load it is carrying, it copes very well - aside from us and our clothes, there are numerous things that are compulsory for the rally, like a jerry can, safety equipment, first aid, 5 litres of water etc plus two spare wheels. Add to that the perpetual trophy we won last year which has its own suitcase and the give-aways for the schools we visit along the way and you have a Subie loaded to the gunnels! Thank goodness for side mirrors!


Fortunately, we don't have to rally with ALL this in the car...once in Bathurst, much of it will be unloaded onto the 'gear truck' which we can access each evening if we need to. But usually we pack in two halves and access the gear truck only on our rest day (unless Ken hasn't packed enough socks to see him through till then!) - this year that will be in Dubbo.

Ciao for now!