Auction 317: Amazing Predecimal Proof Consignments

Some amazing lots have been consigned to Auction 317, with perhaps none more spectacular than this array of astonishing Australian Predecimal Proofs.

1925 Halfpenny FDC

1925 Halfpenny Proof FDC

Struck only for archival purposes, and for distribution to other mints and public institutions such as museums, as with virtually all pre-1955 FDC/Proof coins, the 1925 Halfpenny FDC is extremely rare. Indeed, it is believed that this important Roaring 20s Proof/FDC coin before you is one of perhaps 6 to 12 examples struck. Seldom available to collectors, its appearance in Downies Australian Coin Auctions Sale 317 represents a crucial opportunity.

1937 Crown FDC

1937 Crown Proof FDC

Struck to celebrate the Coronation of King George VI, the 1937 Crown FDC is one of Australia’s most desirable predecimal rarities. It is believed that the Melbourne Mint struck a mere 250 pieces for the infant numismatic collector market of the 1930s, and, if its extremely infrequent appearance on the market is any guide, the number remaining in existence must be minuscule. A superb example, and a supreme acquisition for the serious Australian predecimal collector.

1938 Crown FDC

1938 Crown Proof FDC

An extraordinarily important Australian rarity, seldom seen on the market, the 1938 Crown FDC was struck at the Melbourne Mint in the tiniest of numbers. The second date of Australia’s 2-year predecimal crown type, it is thought that the mintage of the 1938 Crown FDC was perhaps as low as 100, with far fewer than that every released. Experts suggest that the number in existence could be as low as 20. With so few remaining, and this coin one of Australia’s most desirable Proof/FDC strikings, it goes without saying that the 1938 FDC is very rarely available to collectors.

1927 Florin aFDC

1927 Canberra Florin Proof aFDC

The 1927 Canberra Florin is known as ‘Australia’s most beautiful coin’. Australia’s first commemorative, celebrating the opening of the original Parliament House in 1927, this eye-catching George VI type was struck for circulation, but also struck to Proof/FDC standard in tiny numbers for collectors. Rarely offered, experts have proffered that perhaps as few as 100 examples of the 400-coin mintage remain in existence.

1951 Federation Florin aFDC

1951 Federation Florin Proof aFDC

An exotic ‘off metal’ striking, with the 1951 Federation Florin also exclusively struck in silver, the coin before you is believed to be one of only four examples of this key King George VI commemorative struck in cupro-nickel. Described as a Proof or a Pattern, and struck at the Royal Mint in London, this exceedingly rare coin is the headlining act of Downies Australian Coin Auctions Sale 317. A seldom seen, immensely important opportunity for the serious Australian predecimal collector.