Blood, Sweat and Tears...

An epic battle that witnessed not only a record-making final as the longest ever Grand Slam title match, 2012 also celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Australian Open.

With temperatures reaching well over 30 degrees, Novak Djokovic defeated Rafeal Nadal in an incredible 5-set match lasting a grueling 5 hours and 53 minutes! Drawing a crowd of 15,000 people, Djokovic became only the fifth man to win three consecutive majors since the Open Era began in 1968.

2012 $1 100th Australian Open Men’s Trophy Al-Br Unc

Issued in celebration of this century old event, the Royal Australian Mint announced their newest commemorative – the 2012 $1 100th Australian Open Men’s Coin Toss Al/Br. Specifically released to be used for the coin-toss in this history-making battle, each Al-Br coin issue is crafted to Uncirculated quality. Issued as official Australian legal tender, the reverse of this iconic coin features curved stripes that mirror the rubber strip on a tennis ball together with the winning Men’s trophy.

Housed within a triangular shaped coin holder, this honorary issue is sure to ace its way to a slamming sell-out! Head on over to to secure yours today!