Choice Change Challenge March Update: The Fleets Meet!

It’s been a big month in the competition – and in Australian numismatics – since we last caught up with our courageous coin collecting contenders! A new Australian circulating commemorative has been announced; competition for the top spot on the leader board has been fiercely contested, and; the coin that started it all has been found a second time – read on to continue the thrilling adventure!

First things first, let’s have a look at the current tally:

Competitor 20c Series 50c Series $1 Series $2 Series Total
Alex 3 12 14 1 30
George 4 14 14 1 33
Jezebel 5 11 15 0 31

Competition has been intense! During the month Jezebel held quite a strong lead, but at the time of writing had just been knocked out of the overall lead by George, though she is still leading in the 20c series and the $1 series. Across the field there are only 3 coins between first and third place – our competitors are neck and neck!

A highlight for this month is that Alex has found another 1988 50c First Fleet commemorative! You may remember that this coin was the catalyst for starting the entire Choice Change Challenge – and it catalogues for $25 in Uncirculated condition! It’s an exciting find and big news for Alex.

The big news for the entire numismatic community in Australia was the announcement by the Royal Australian Mint of the imminent release of another circulating commemorative – the Centenary of Canberra 20c piece! Due for release shortly, it’s an important addition to the circulating commemorative series, and one that will be added as a target for our intrepid collectors once it enters circulation!

If you’d like to secure this brand new commemorative well before you are likely to find it in your change – and in Brilliant Uncirculated condition to boot – they are available now in the 2013 20c Centenary Of Canberra PNC.


That’s it for this Choice Change Challenge update! We’ll finish up with a question: What coin would you love to find in your change today and why? Leave your answers in the comment section below!