Downies Top 20 Coins for 2011

Over the past twelve months, mints across the world have combined innovation, precision and absolute excellence delivering you ground breaking releases, sure to compliment every collection. As 2011 closes and 2012 begins, we are proud to announce our top 20 releases that made international success for craftsmanship, design and popularity.

Over the coming weeks join us as we announce the top twenty coins, declaring ‘Downies most popular issues for 2011’. A range that is undefinable in quality and prestige, stay tuned to see who takes out number one!

Number 01:Tuvalu 2011 $1 Box Jellyfish 1oz Silver Proof

The sixth release in perhaps the world’s most popular series – the 2011 $1 Box Jellyfish 1oz Silver Proof has been declared Downies top coin for 2011! This sensational addition to the renowned Deadly & Dangerous Series is a characteristically stunning example of the unparalleled, full-colour minting techniques found across the industry!
Tuvalu 2011 $1 Box Jellyfish 1oz Silver Proof

Number 02: Niue 2011 $100 Tasmanian Tiger 1oz Gold Proof

The first release in a 1oz Gold series, the 2011 Tasmanian Tiger Gold Proof is one of the most desirable and exclusive issues to be released in Australia. Limited to a mintage of just 150 coins, each individually edge numbered release truly is the pinnacle of numismatic craftsmanship.

Number 03: Tuvalu 2011 $1 Tasmanian Tiger 1oz Silver Proof

The first release in the sell-out Extinct and Endangered series, the 2011 Tasmanian Tiger 1oz Silver Proof forms a dramatic tribute to one of Australia’s most distinctive, mysterious and famous creatures – the Tasmanian Tiger. Soaring in collector value, this spectacular .999 pure silver issue was limited to just 5,000 coins.

Number 04: 2011 $1 Treasures of Australia Pearl 1oz Silver Proof

The final release in the Perth Mint’s highly successful Treasures of Australia collection captivated collectors across the globe. Highlighted by the inclusion of a genuine Australian Pearl in the centre of the coin, each 40.60mm diameter flan was limited to a maximum mintage of just 7,500 coins.

Number 05: Niue 20122 $200 The 3 Kings of 1936 2oz Gold Proof

A spectacular tribute to the iconic Three Kings of 1936, this highly exclusive, two ounce coin is struck to the highest of Proof quality from .9999 fine gold. An excellent 75th Anniversary theme, each uniquely diamond shaped issue brings together traditional and modern numismatics, forming a truly unique tribute for only 75 lucky collectors!

Number 06: 2011 Proof Set

The most popular Royal Australian Mint issue of 2011, the annual Proof set houses the six standard Australian circulating denominations. Globally admired and struck to the unparalleled levels of the RAM, 2011 was only the third time since 1990 that the annual Proof issue has comprised Australia’s six ‘classic’ coin designs.

Number 07: Niue 2011 $5 Last Tasmanian Tiger Lenticular Silver Proof

Defined by the superb lenticular design, official legal tender status and flawless silver Proof quality, this 2011 release pays tribute to the 75th anniversary of the death of the last known Tasmanian Tiger. Restricted to a mintage of just 3,000 coins, this highly significant release sold out at exceptional speed!

Number 08: 2011 Mint Set

A crucial annual release of 2011 – the Royal Australian Mint’s yearly release has again been one of the most popular releases of the year. Similar to the first Mint Set issued in 1966, each 2011 Set is comprised of the original decimal designs for the year; each set is struck to Brilliant Uncirculated quality from carefully selected and prepared blanks.

Number 09: 2010-2011 50c Royal Wedding Gold Plated 2 Coin Set

Comprise of official Australian coins celebrating both the Royal engagement and the marriage of HRH Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton, this Royal Australian Mint issue is struck onto the iconic dodecagonal 50c. Selectively gold plated and intricately detailed, there is little wonder as to why this two coin set was the most popular of the Royal Wedding issues throughout 2011!

Number 10: 2011 $1 Royal Wedding 1oz Silver Proof

Featuring the official engagement photograph of the Royal Couple and a detailed, raised image of Westminster Abby, each coin is struck to the highest standards of the Perth Mint. Comprised of an entire ounce of .999 fine silver, this silver Proof was the only Australian Crown-sized tribute to the Royal couple.

Number 11: Niue 2011 $100 Last Tasmanian Tiger Lenticular Gold Proof

A spectacular tribute to the last known Tasmanian Tiger, this innovative, 8-part, moving lenticular Gold Proof received instant success across the globe. Highly sought after for its incredible mintage of just 75 coins, each tribute is crafted from an entire ounce of .9999 fine gold.

Number 12: GB 2011£5 Royal Wedding Gold Proof

An official Royal Wedding issue, this massive 39.94g Gold Proof was the only British Royal Mint release to hit our top twenty! Celebrating the wedding that stopped the globe, this prestigious and extremely exclusive Gold Proof was limited to a miniscule mintage of just 3,000 coins.
2011 Royal Wedding Gold Proof

Number 13: 2011 Discover Australia Dreaming 1oz Silver Proof Collection

A fine collection of Aboriginal Art and an exceptional Australian legal tender presentation, this 2011 Silver Proof Collection forms a diverse tribute to the iconic wildlife found across the nation. Comprised of five full-colour, 1oz silver Proof coins, this 2011 Collection is the final release in the 2008-2011 Discover Australia Dreaming series.

Number 14: 2011 $1 100 Years Royal Australian Navy 1oz Silver Proof & Badge Set

Celebrating the Perth Mint’s first release of 2011, this eye-catching tribute to the centenary of the Royal Australian Navy was by far one of the most popular Military releases of the year. Headlined by a crown-sized silver Proof each set featured an authentic, full-colour Royal Australian Navy badge replica.

Number 15: Cook Islands 2011 $5 Koala and Eucalyptus Leaves Silver BU

The first distinctly Australian themed ‘rub & sniff’ coin, each innovative legal tender issue releases the fragrance of an Australian Eucalyptus Tree. Eye-catching, vibrant and underpinned by a strong Australian theme, this silver BU was one of the more innovative coins of 2011.

Number 16: 2011 $1 Rams Head C Mintmark Silver Proof

Reviving one of Australia’s most admired coin designs originally issued on Australia’s Predecimal Shilling, the $1 Rams head silver Proof was the 2011 addition to a sought after annual series that began in 1992!

Number 17: 2011 Two Coin Unc Set

Historic, affordable and exclusive, the 2011 Two Coin Unc Set houses both the $1 and 20c coins adorned with iconic wheat designs. Issued as part of the RAM’s annual coin release, the 2011 Unc Set was one of our most popular issues of 2011!

Number 18: 2011 50c 60th Anniversary Of National Service Cu-Ni Unc

A unique addition to Australia’s highly sought after commemorative 50c series, this Military themed tribute pays homage to the 60th anniversary of Australian National Service. A distinctive and highly affordable Royal Australian Mint issue – we celebrate those who have fought for the nation in a variety of global and regional conflicts.

Number 19: 2011 $1 Great Australian Battles – Gallipoli 1oz Silver Proof

Devoured by global collectors due to the first release status, the 2011 Gallipoli 1oz Silver Proof is an outstanding tribute to Australia’s Baptism of Fire in World War I. Boasting a mintage of just 5,000 coins, each Silver Proof is housed in Perth Mint presentation and completed with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Number 20: Niue $33 Sistine Chapel Silver Proof Collection (33)

Highly sought after for the sheer size, the 2011 $33 Sistine Chapel Silver Proof is the largest ever legal tender commemorative issue! Devised from thirty-three interlocking, full colour coins each release is struck to Proof quality from an entire kilo of silver.


Benin Strikes Back! 2011 100 Francs Lily of the Valley Scent Colour Silver Plated BU

With innovation driving the future of numismatics, Benin has broken the mould, releasing their fourth issue in the state of the art, ‘rub & sniff’ collection - the 2011 100 Francs Lily of the Valley Scent Colour Silver Plated BU.

Benin 2011 100 Francs Lily Scent Coloured Silver Plated BU

Featuring the Convallaria Majalis, commonly known as the ‘Lily of the Valley’, this official legal tender, silver plated Proof is a fine testament to the modern minting skills seen throughout this diverse industry. Releasing the fragrant aromas of the Lily of the Valley when the reverse is rubbed, each coin is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to the 2,500 coin mintage.

Set to take the collector market by storm – be sure to head on over to to secure yours today!

The verdict is in… 2011 Series of the Year

Undeniably a captivating series, the Gothic Cathedrals collection has been awarded second prize in the Fifth International Commemorative Coins Contest - the 2011 Coin Constellation.

Held September 28 2011 in the Marble palace of St Petersburg, Russia, more than 200 coins from 25 countries lined up to be judged on concept, artistic solution, original technology, design and series development.

Niue 2010 $1 Gothic Cathedrals – Cologne Cathedral Silver Proof

Renowned for its unique oval shape and the spectacular obverse and reverse designs, the Niue $1 Gothic Cathedrals Cologne Cathedral Silver Proof truly lives up to its winning title. Combining state-of-the-art minting capabilities with the innovative inclusion of a genuine stained glass window – this captivating issue recreates the beauty of one of the world’s favourite landmarks.

With what’s left of the 5,000 coin mintage sure to be snapped up by eager collectors and investors alike, head on over to to secure 2011’s Series of the Year!

2012 Lunar Dragons Coloured

With every commemorative for 2012’s Year of the Dragon receiving an abundance of interest throughout the global market, the Royal Australian Mint has just announced the addition of two releases that no one anticipated to be issued into their product portfolio – comes a 1oz Silver Proof and a 1/10oz Gold Proof.

Celebrating the world’s favourite lunar sign, each pad printed coin depicts the RAM’s signature dragon upon a vivid coloured background. Struck to the highest of Proof quality from .999 fine silver, the 40.00mm Silver Proof is restricted to a global mintage of just 18,000 coins. A highly exclusive, matching, 17.53mm Gold issue, crafted also to Proof quality from .9999 fine gold – this exquisite coin is limited to a mintage of just 8,000 coins.

Issued as official Australian Legal tender, and struck specifically for an international corporate order – only a minuscule number of each the 1oz Silver Proof and 1/10oz Gold Proof will be available on the market – immediate action is needed to secure what is sure to be one of the most popular RAM releases yet!

2011 Beijing International Coin Exposition East Meets West 1/2 oz Two-Coin Set

2 days and over 2,000 sets – the 2011 Beijing International Coin Exposition East Meets West 1/2oz Two-Coin Set is undoubtedly one of the most highly pursued 2-coin sets this year. With over two thirds of the mintage selling out at the Beijing Show – after a lengthy search we have finally been able to secure a small allocation to offer to our most avid of collectors.

Beijing Show

A release that combines the cultural elements of both countries – the East Meets West 1/2oz Coin Set features the Perth Mint’s renowned Year of the Dragon coin together with an iconic Australian Koala asleep in a eucalyptus tree. Struck as official Australian Legal Tender both coins are housed within an illustrated presentation card.

With only a small allocation secured from the mint – immediate action is obvious! Head on over to to secure yours!

Obama Down Under

In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the signing of the ANZUS Defence Alliance, today Mr Barack Obama will touch down in Australia for the first time as being President. After three set-backs, President Obama’s Australian visit has been a long awaited one, and, as the strongest ally and greatest friend of the Australian nation, will be welcomed with open arms.

With 2011 also marking the 10th Anniversary of the devastation witnessed by the American nation on September 11 2001, President Obama’s visit to the land down under is sure to tighten the already secure ties between Australia and the United States. With Mr Obama’s itinerary still under wraps, it has however, been announced that he will address the Australian Parliament on November 17 2011.

Cook Islands 2010 $5 Obama & King Antique Silver BU Pair
Driven by trying to achieve freedom, justice and equality throughout the United States, Noble Prize winner and icon of the American nation, President Obama is one of the most influential political figures across the globe. Issued in celebration of powerful American legends – the 2010 $5 Obama & King Antique Silver BU Pair is still available at Downies. With each legal tender issue brilliantly designed and flawlessly struck to pay homage to two of the greatest instigators for change in the history of the United States – President Obama and civil rights activist Martin Luther King – head on over to for your piece of great American history.

USA 2011 September 11 Silver Proof Commemorative MedalIn the wake of perhaps America’s greatest triumph in bringing the leader of al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden to justice, a decade after the merciless attacks that saw 2,974 people from over 90 countries lose their lives –the 2011 September 11 Silver Proof Commemorative Medal is also still available at Downies. With all proceeds donated to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, each commemorative medal is an official tribute to the immense loss that occurred on that fateful day.

2011 Beijing International Coin Exposition East Meets West 1/2 oz Two-Coin Set

Spectacularly sought after, the 2011 Beijing International Coin Exposition 2-coin set has left hungry collectors frantically searching to secure their ‘East Meets West’ souvenir.

A culturally combined issue, the Perth Mint has intricately united elements of Beijing and Australia – delivering one of the most popular 2-coin sets of the year.

Beijing Show

Struck from ½ ounce of .999 pure silver, each coin has been endorsed as official Australian Legal Tender and is fittingly presented within an illustrated envelope. Housing the signature Perth Mint Year of the Dragon coin issued for the highly anticipated arrival of 2012, the second coin pays tribute to an Australian Koala asleep in a eucalyptus tree.

With a tiny global mintage of just 2,888 sets, of which nearly two thirds walked out the doors in Beijing, we are currently trying to secure an allocation directly from the mint. For those interested in trying to attain what has been one of the hottest 2-coin releases of 2011, stay tuned to for further information on our allocations!

The war to end all wars – 11.11.11

93 years on from the brutality and devastation which ultimately changed the fate of the globe, today we remember those who have lost their lives in the front line of war and armed conflicts.

Observed on November 11 throughout the Commonwealth nations, in 1918 at the “11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month” Germany signed the Armistice – a formal end to the extensive bloodshed that was World War I.

A significant date which sees Remembrance Day fall on 11.11.11, the Royal Australian Mint has issued a scalloped red poppy Uncirculated Coin in the honour of each of our fallen heroes. A symbol of hope and renewal following the ‘sacrifice of shed blood’, the poppy was the first plant to blossom throughout the war torn battlefields.

A fitting tribute to the ‘war to end all wars’, the 2011 $5 Remembrance Day Unc is now available at

For more information or to purchase online, please click on the appropriate link:


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2010 50c 150th Running Of The Melbourne Cup Cu-Ni Unc

105,979 roaring fans, 23 thoroughbred horses, 3200 metres and a photo finish to determine the champion, the 2011 Emirates Melbourne Cup lived up to its reputation as the ‘race that stops the nation’.

2010 50c 150th Running Of The Melbourne CupThe closest finish in the events 151 year history, after two painstakingly long minutes, captured only by a photo finish, Dunaden was crowned the winner of the 2011 Cup. One of the most exciting finishes seen throughout Australia’s greatest horse race, a modest Christophe Lemaire spared a thought for Australia’s Craig Williams, who just 24 hours prior had been charged with careless riding in turn handing Lemaire the winning reigns.

A truly spectacular event that for 151 years has commanded attention not only throughout the Australian nation but also across the globe! In celebration of the 150th anniversary of this notorious event, celebrated last year, the Royal Australian Mint issued the 2010 50c 150th Anniversary of Melbourne Cup Cu/Ni Unc. Never issued into circulation, the 150 year commemorative is available now at

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North America Customers

2011 $5 Queens Visit Al-Br Unc w/FREE $1 CHOGM

Just hours after the highly anticipated arrival of HM Queen Elizabeth II in Australia for the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting (CHOGM) held in Perth – Downies is pleased to announce the newest Royal-themed issue from the Royal Australian Mint - the 2011 $5 Queen’s Visit Unc. As seen on TV, this truly unique tribute to Her Majesty features 16 St Edward’s Crowns – symbolising each of the Queen’s visits ‘down under’. Created by Mr Wojciech Pietranik, a renowned designer behind the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games medals, this 38.74mm coin has been approved by the Queen herself!

2011 $5 Queens Visit Al-Br Unc

A fitting issue to mark this official event – when you purchase your 2011 $5 Queen’s Visit Unc at Downies, we are delighted to provide you with a FREE 2011 $1 CHOGM BU Coin!

2011 $1 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting BU

The perfect pair issued in celebration of this bi-yearly event – be sure to visit to secure your next Royal Family tribute!

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