Day 6 - Broken Hill to Renmark

Editor’s note: Kath Downie shares more of her 2017 Kidney Kar Rally adventures in her blog post below!

Last night's 'Silver City'-themed fancy dress event definitely delivered some very creative costumes! Congratulations to this team, for what can only be described as an outstanding commitment to the theme!IMG_4895

I'm not sure that Paul and Scott from Bendigo thought this outfit through - how does one drink one's beer?


Broken Hill has been a great place to stay for the day - the whole city promotes Kidney Health!


But with our rest day behind us, it was time to jump back into the car for another day of adventure.

With three stages down and one to go before we arrived in Renmark for the night, we stopped for lunch at the Coombah Roadhouse.


We discovered that one car was out with a fuel pump problem, and another with an injury to the side from a rogue roo!

There's been a lot of dust today, and some very long (and not so winding roads, like this beauty:


And there've also been some iconic Australian sights.


As we drew closer to Renmark, though, the contrast in our surroundings was immediately apparent.


And our room in Renmark provided a terrific view of the Mighty Murray!


Overall, we had thought we'd had a pretty good day, but it seems the averages were a little faster than we anticipated, particularly in the last one! 2 minutes late on the first stage, even on the second, 1 early on the third and 3 late on the last! So 6 points down for the day, plus our 4WD penalty sees us at 17th overall. We don't find out our scores tomorrow, they save them up till the final night so no-one knows where they might finish up!

It looks like the rain has already impacted on tomorrow's stages...the 'day before car' has been out and determined the 3rd and 4th stages are too dangerous so it looks like it'll be bitumen roads from Ouyen to Moama. Oh well, maybe I'll have time for an afternoon nanna nap!!!