Celebrate the 20th Century’s Greatest musical icons with the Legends of Music Collection!

Downies Collectables celebrates Pop Culture with easy to collect coins and medallions that get delivered strait to your door!

We are excited to bring you the Legends of Music Collection, a brand-new subscription that celebrates seven great musical icons of the 20th Century music scene. This new subscription contains seven , 24-carat gold-plated medallions struck to Prooflike collectors quality! On the generous 44mm flan, each musical icon is depicted in full-colour recreations of Sidney Maurer’s distinctive portraits, then finished in genuine 24-carat gold!

Meet The Icons

Queen, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Bob Marley and Elvis Presley are all featured on the medallions.


Considered to be pioneers of their respective musical genres, each artist has pushed the boundaries of their music, in ways that are still very much evident in today’s music! Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody is the most streamed song from the 20th Century and Bowie’s Space Oddity is considered to be a musical phenomenon.

Featuring Original Portraits by Sid Maurer

Maurer boasted a genuine passion for music and pop-art. In the 60s he brought a visual aspect to sound by designing album covers for a range of famous artists as an assistant art director at Colombia Records.

An icon in his own field, he collaborated with many high-profile artists, including Andy Warhol!

Maurer made a point of painting people who he believed to have made the world a better place. He has painted portraits of over 350 great musical artists, including the seven featured in this collection.

His unique style and contribution to music and art is now encapsulated in every portrait in the Legends of Music Collection.

Own it now!

The Legends of Music Collection is available exclusively at Downies Collectables in Australia. Be among the first to collect by subscribing today! You’ll receive your first gold-plated medallion at the special price of $39.95 (saving $20 off the series price) Throughout your subscription, you will also receive a FREE presentation folder to house and display your collection. Don’t delay, place your order now!


What Are The Benefits of a Subscription?

Whether it’s coins or collectables, Macquarie Mint subscriptions can help you build a complete collection, month by month. 

We bring you a whole world of collection - just subscribe to what you love! 

Our experts regularly collate the finest coins and collectables from across the globe in a wide variety of themes. Choose a Macquarie Mint subscription and you’ll receive a collection curated from the best the world’s mints have to offer – without even having to leave your house. 

Convenient monthly payments and deliveries = the gift that keeps on giving 

Receiving a parcel you’ve been waiting for is always exciting. Imagine the thrill of a new delivery each month! Better yet, pay by credit card and your monthly payments will be made automatically. Easy! 

Quality guaranteed so you can enjoy peace of mind 

Be secure in the knowledge that each item in your subscription has been sourced at the highest quality. And you can trust that we individually inspect each item in your collection before it’s sent to you.

You’re in control

With so much to choose from – and our quality guarantee – we’re confident you’ll be happy with your new subscription. But we also understand that things can change. If you want to stop your collection or try something new, you can do so at any time. No lock-in contracts, no completion fees, no questions asked. 


Introducing Our New Website And Brands

We are excited to announce our brand new website has just launched along with some new brands we know you are going to love.

Our new website has been designed to make it easier to find all the things you love. We have a new logo, new categories and we have some new brands including Macquarie Mint, Biante Model Cars and Apex Replicas.

Here is a guide around what has been updated:   



A range of new categories have been added for you to explore...

In the top left corner you can navigate between our four brands...





 In the top right hand corner, you can...


 Banknotes can now be found under the 'Collectables' menu.

Browse Our New Brands:

At Macquarie Mint, we take you on a collector journey, helping you to collect the themes you love. We do this by developing high-quality numismatic subscriptions at affordable prices that we deliver conveniently each month, creating the best collecting experience! We’ve built a reputation based on trust, thanks to the quality of our products, and the timely delivery of your subscription each month. You also have full control over your subscription, and can pause or cancel your subscription quickly and easily with the help of our friendly Client Services Team. Start your subscription now!

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Part of the Downies Collectables family for several years we are very excited to bring Biante Model Cars and Apex Replicas fully into the fold and offer our full range of model cars through Market leaders in the local model car industry Biante Model Cars and Apex Replicas bring not only an extensive range of items from all eras of Australian motoring history but also world leading brands Autoart, Minichamps, Spark and TSM-Model plus many others meaning will be the source for model collectors and car enthusiast all over.

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There are new restrictions on Victorian businesses taking effect on Thursday 6 August, but Downies Collectables customers will be able to continue collecting the things they love without interruption!

Our online store is OPEN 24/7! You can still shop online with us at any time you like, our team is working hard at home to keep bringing you the best new releases the world has to offer in coins and collectables.


Keeping our customers, staff and families COVID Safe is our number one priority! We have a strict COVID Safe Plan in place and we are fully committed to ensuring your parcels are packed and dispatched in a safe and hygienic way. We’re abiding by the standards set out by the Victorian Government and are using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), maintaining social distancing at all times, and frequently cleaning our work spaces.

Our Contact Centre staff are still available to answer any queries you may have. As always, please feel free to get in touch via our Contact Us page.

Our Melbourne store will sadly be closed from Thursday 6 August, but our dedicated Store Manager, Matt Thompson, will be working from home and is available to answer any queries you may have by email or phone.

As an Australian owned and operated family business, we’re committed to supporting our community because we’re all in this together. Let’s stay safe and look after one another.

New Brands Coming Soon to The Downies Collectables Family

Downies Collectables are excited to announce our new suite of brands joining the family, and introduce a new and improved shopping experience for all. Our new brands Macquarie Mint, Biante Model Cars and Apex Replicas will be coming to Downies Collectables very soon and we wanted to give you an introduction.

Macquarie Mint

Founded fifteen years ago by a family of coin collectors, Macquarie Mint has since helped hundreds of thousands of people build their own collections through a convenient monthly subscription service. Subscribers enjoy the most exclusive, prestigious and highly sought-after collections delivered direct to their door in easy and reliable monthly shipments.  

Biante Model Cars & Apex Replicas  

Car enthusiasts, this one’s for you! Biante and Apex Replicas specialise in producing limited-edition model cars, boats, planes and bikes that Australians love. Start your car collection journey with all your favourite car brands including Holden, HSV, V8 Supercars, Ferrari and more.

Downies, Macquarie Mint, Biante and Apex Replicas share the same goal -  we’re passionate about collecting and we want to help people collect the things they love! We’re excited to be expanding the Downies Collectables family and can’t wait to share these new products with you.

Our Client Services Team is always happy to help, you can email them or call 1300 798 368 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST.

We Are Moving ... Websites

Macquarie Mint are excited to join the suite of brands under Downies Collectables for a new and improved shopping experience at There, we will be joining with brands Downies, Biante and Apex Replicas to make your collectables experience the best in Australia.

The countdown is on and we are very excited. The move will take place soon, with the closure of Macquarie Mint’s website, set to be announced closer to the end of July. You’ll be able to browse and buy all the products from the Downies Collectables family of brands in one place with one easy checkout.

Ken Downie, Downies Collectables Managing Director, said: “We are ecstatic with the launch of our new website and the merge of Downies, Macquarie Mint, Biante and Apex Replicas. Our new website is designed to deliver a transformed online experience for our customers and create a one-stop-shop for all varieties of collectors.”

Macquarie Mint will continue to offer the ease and convenience of their best-selling subscription plans, and you’ll be kept up-to-date through our emails and catalogue mail-outs. Your regular subscription deliveries will continue without interruption.

The current Macquarie Mint website will operate as usual until the move. Once the move is complete, you’ll not only be able to find all of Macquarie Mint’s best-selling product, but you’ll be able to browse an online treasure-trove across all of the Downies Collectables brands – bringing you the absolute best the world has to offer in coins and collectables.

When the new website opens, we’ll email you to be the first to discover the best collectables in Australia. We look forward to helping you to collect the things you love.

Our Client Services Team is always happy to help, you can email them or call 1300 798 368 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST.



Downies pays homage to Elton John with The Royal Mint's Limited Edition Coins


Fans of Sir Elton John may still be reeling from his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour and retirement announcement.

But some relief may be found in The Royal Mint’s announcement to produce a series of coins that pay tribute to his legacy.

In his time, Elton John has made more than 4,000 performances and sold over 300 million records worldwide. Producing an incredible number of hit singles, Elton is undoubtedly one of the world’s truly great music superstars.

The legal tender coins come in 99.9% pure gold, silver and non-precious metal and feature his iconic glasses and straw boater hat on the reverse side.

Sir Elton is pleased to have his contribution to the music industry recognised this way. "The last few years have contained some of the most memorable moments of my career, and this is another truly humbling milestone on my journey", he said.

Downies has secured a small allocation of the collection as an official distributor for the Royal Mint, so get in quick and secure yours today! 

Shop the Elton John 2020 Range Today



New Gruffalo Coins Coming Soon

Celebrating 20 years of the famous children’s book, two more Gruffalo coins are about to take the Australian coin collecting world by storm.


He has terrible tusks, and terrible claws,

And terrible teeth in his terrible jaws.

He’s the Gruffalo!

-  Julia Donaldson, The Gruffalo

In 1999, a children’s book was released that would captivate the hearts and imaginations of kids across the globe. British author, teacher, singer and songwriter Julia Donaldson had struck gold with The Gruffalo, her charming tale of a canny mouse evading danger in the woods.

Adapted from a Chinese folk tale, the premise was simple.

Afraid of being eaten by the many sinister creatures asking him to dinner, a mouse invents an even greater foe: the gruffalo. His plan works, deterring his would-be attackers … Until he actually encounters a gruffalo, that is! Now what will he do?

The Gruffalo – a storybook phenomenon

Paired with delightful illustrations by Axel Scheffler, the story was an instant smash-hit. It spawned a follow-up in The Gruffalo’s Child, multiple stage plays, a film, toys and even a theme park ride. And this year, thanks to the Royal Mint, this whimsical tale has received more tributes: in cupro-nickel and precious sterling silver.

Initially released in February this year, a first wave of coins featured the Gruffalo’s iconic face. The Gruffalo proof coin, struck from sterling silver, sold out within hours of release. Demand was fierce, with children and collectors alike eager to get their hands on these beautiful British coins. And now, fans’ hearts are about to skip a beat: there’s a new design on the way.

The new Gruffalo coin

The mouse and the gruffalo face off against one another in this captivating scene, straight from the pages of the book. It has been captured in vivid full-colour on the silver Proof version, while the Brilliant Uncirculated coin showcases the Royal Mint’s superb minting standards.

The coins will be available for order later this month, so stay tuned for more information!

But for now, if you walk in the woods, best to be careful, just in case.  There’s no such thing as a Gruffalo …as far as we know.

Want to add the newest Gruffalo coins to your collection? Keep an eye on Downies’ Gruffalo range for updates!


Ford GT Legend Reborn!

With the arrival of the Ford Falcon XR in 1966, Ford Australia created a legend with the introduction of the GT nameplate to the Falcon range. From the XR model through to XB, the GT line emerged as the high-performance model from the Falcon range and the “Aussie Muscle Car” was born. 

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