Go for Gold at Downies Coins' Melbourne Flagship Store!

Downies’ Southgate Store has an impressive range of Australian and world gold coins in-store now! The new range has over 200 gold coins in premium grade. These are keenly sought-after by coin collectors and investors, and include Australian Gold Sovereigns as well as the Queen Victoria 1887 Golden Jubilee 4 Gold Coin Set, ranging from a Half Sovereign to the scarce 5 Pound Gold Coin (equal to 5 sovereigns). The range also includes high-grade European gold coins, some of which were struck during the turbulent World War I period (1914 – 1918) – amazingly with much of their gold lustre still present and blooming.

Great Britain 1887 Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee 4 Gold Coin Set, in-store now at Downies Coins

Photo: Great Britain 1887 Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee 4 Gold Coin Set, now in store at Downies Coins.

One of the many gold coins of interest is an Austrian Ducat, a European gold trade coin. It was first struck in the late mediaeval period. Ducat comes from ducatus, the Latin form of the title of the Doge of Venice, where the ducat was first issued in 1284. The coin was copied throughout mainland Europe and coins of the ducat standard – 3.49 grams of .983 gold (23.5 carats) – were struck in several European countries into the 20th century, including Austria, Hungary and the Netherlands.

Austria 1915 Ducat Gold Coin (obverse)Austria 1915 Ducat Gold Coin (reverse)

  Photo: Austria 1915 Ducat Gold Coin, in-store now at Downies Coins.

Join us in-store and view the new gold coin range today! Downies Coins Southgate is open 6 days a week.

Monday to Thursday 9.30am – 5pm

Friday 9.30am – 6pm

Saturday 9.30am – 5pm

Alternatively, contact Downies Numismatist Steve Kirby at the Melbourne Flagship Store on (03) 9686 8422 or email for any information, or for an appointment to view the new range.