THE ULTIMATE TRIBUTE! ~ Australia's Golden Era of Wool - Coin & Banknote Portfolio!

Includes real Merino WOOL!

Headlined by a large piece of genuine Australian Merino wool – as well as three Australian legal tender issues – this inspired presentation forms the most fitting possible tribute to the crucial role of the Australian Wool Industry in the economic, political and cultural development of Australia.

The key to the tremendous worldwide success of the Australian Wool Industry from the colonial period to the modern age, Merino wool is renowned as the whitest, softest and most lavish natural fibre. An imaginative addition to a presentation defined as much by its great originality as its outstanding collector value, the authentic piece of Merino wool is the perfect complement to the two coins and one banknote found in the 2011 Australia’s Golden Era of Wool Coin &
Banknote Portfolio.

To be enshrined in legal tender is to receive the ultimate recognition, and, illustrating the importance of wool to the Australian nation, the Commonwealth Government has authorised several legal tender issues devoted to the Australian Wool Industry. Issued between 1938 and 1963, with the design based on Uardry 0.1, a champion ram at the 1932 Sydney Sheep Show, the Ram’s Head Silver Shilling is arguably Australia’s most memorable predecimal issue. Three years after the last shilling was struck, Australia’s $2 note was first issued, bearing the portrait of ‘The Father of the Merino Industry’, John Macarthur. Twenty-five years later, the 1991 Decimal Currency 25th Anniversary 50c was unveiled, bearing an inspired design based on the original Shilling Ram’s Head motif.

The perfect combination with which to honour the Australian Wool Industry, examples of the last Australian $2 note, the Elizabeth II 1953-63 Shilling and 1991 50c Decimal 25th Anniversary are united with the Merino wool in the 2011  Australia’s Golden Era of Wool Coin & Banknote Portfolio – all in pristine Uncirculated condition! Set within a large, impressive full-colour pack, featuring the history of the wool industry and a superb range of photos, this brilliant collection is sensational value-for-money at just A$69.95.

  • Headlined by a large piece of genuineAussie Merino wool!
  • Includes the 1985-88 Johnston/Fraser$2 note – in Unc quality
  • Features a 1953-63 Silver Shilling in Unc– date of our choice
  • Highlighted by the 1991 Decimal25th Anniversary 50c in Unc
  • Housed within an illustrated, informativepresentation pack
  • Absolutely fantastic value-for-money at just A$69.95!

Remarkable for the influence of a single breed – the Merino – the Australian wool industry was our major source of export income from the colonial period to the 1970s. However, beyond being key to the economic well-being of the nation, the history of the wool industry had a dramatic impact on Australia’s social, cultural and political development, playing a decisive role in the creation of the Australian national identity.

Sheep arrived with the First Fleet in 1788, but it wasn’t until the introduction of Merinos that the wool industry began its journey to become Australia’s number one export – in large part due to the efforts of John Macarthur. One of the earliest settlers, Macarthur was the first Merino breeder, and a tireless campaigner for the export of wool to Britain in the early 19th century. Although others made a significant contribution to the history of Australian wool production, Macarthur’s vision, large scale wool export and support for the trade has seen him enshrined as ‘The Father of the Merino Industry’. In part due to the turmoil in Europe created by the Napoleonic Wars, the wool industry’s first boom time took place after 1813, with the first significant British auction of Australian wool taking place in 1821.

Whilst the industry subsequently thrived, the 19th century was dominated by bitter conflicts between pastoralists and shearers. Whilst a lucrative business, logistical difficulties did bring heavy costs, and although advances such as mechanised shears and the replacement of shepherds with fencing, did ease the burden, employers still tried to cut costs by controlling shearers’ wages. United by a spirit of comradeship, shearers formed unions in the 1880s, with the battle against the pastoralists culminating in the shearer’s strike of 1890. This failed industrial action proved decisive to the history of Australian political life, with the first ALP branch meeting held in Queensland by striking shearers in 1891.

Battling through drought, flood and fire, as well as two World Wars and the Depression, the wool industry remained Australia’s primary source of export income until the late 20th century. Continuing to play a key role in Australian life, the wool industry’s contribution to our national identity means that, to some extent, Australia will always ‘ride on the sheep’s back’.

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2010 Discover Australia Series

An imaginative, diverse celebration of Australia’s iconic wildlife, the Perth Mint’s 2010 Discover Australia Dreaming Series represents a breathtaking work of numismatic art. Distinguished by an incredible FIFTEEN DIFFERENT indigenous art designs, this prestigious Australian legal tender series is sure to mirror the popularity of the first issue in this illustrious Australian collector program.

As with the acclaimed 2009 release, the new 2010 Discover Australia Dreaming Series is available in stunning silver, glorious gold and prestigious platinum – with each series featuring different designs! Unique tributes to the Wombat, Koala, Platypus, Saltwater Crocodile and Frilled Neck Lizard, those designs are the work of noted indigenous artist, Darryl Bellotti, who has successfully used the art of coinage to bring Australia’s most ancient cultural traditions to life. Darryl’s designs are absolutely superb struck to the most rigorous Proof standards of the Perth Mint, and the new 2010 Discover Australia Dreaming Collections will undoubtedly command the attention of those from both the collector community and the art world.

Defined by surprisingly small mintages – particularly given the world’s insatiable appetite for Australian indigenous art – this outstanding new Australian legal tender series is now available at Downies!

Affordable in silver...

A spellbinding synthesis of beauty, purity and presentation, the Perth Mint’s 2010 $1 Discover Australia Dreaming 1oz Silver Proof Collection is a stand-alone release of immense quality – and a must-have for those who secured the 2009 set!

A truly spectacular, distinctively Australian presentation, this new precious metal collection comprises five brilliantly designed crown-size coins. Compelling, highly individual works of indigenous art, the five coins pay homage to some of Australia’s most internationally recognisable native creatures – the Koala, the Platypus, the Frilled Neck Lizard, the Wombat and the Saltwater Crocodile. Beautifully accommodated by the imposing 40.60mm expanse of these flawlessly struck .999 fine silver 1oz coins, Darryl Bellotti’s inspired one-year-only designs look utterly sensational when united with the Perth Mint’s unrivalled full-colour-minting techniques.

Forming a fitting environment for such an eye-catching presentation, each 5-coin collection is housed within a plush, official Mint case with a timber lid, housed in a full-colour outer box. Completing the presentation, a numbered Certificate of Authenticity is also included, attesting to the strictly limited worldwide mintage of just 10,000 sets.

The most affordable issue of the 2010 Discover Australia program, the ongoing global demand for Australian indigenous art in all forms will ensure enormous interest in this exceptional Australian legal tender presentation. Secure your collection at the Mint’s Official Issue Price!

  • Comprises five 40.60mm .999 fine silver Proofs
  • An official Australian legal tender issue
  • Worldwide mintage set at just 10,000 collections!
  • Set within a stunning Perth Mint presentation case
  • Complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity

Stunning in gold...

Drawing upon the ancient traditions of Australian indigenous art, the Perth Mint’s new 2010 Discover Australia Dreaming Gold Proof Series is a masterpiece of precious metal minting.

Comprising coins crafted to the apex of Proof quality from .9999 fine gold, and distinguished by stunning one-year-only designs, the 2010 series is available in three exclusive formats. Strictly limited editions, just 1,000 $50 1/2oz, 2,500 $15 1/10oz and 25,000 $5 1/25oz 5-coin Proof collections have been struck for the global market! With the worldwide surge in demand for gold coins showing no signs of abating, and this series celebrating some of the most widely revered Australian native icons, the 2010 Discover Australia release is bound to be hotly pursued across the globe.

Typical of the quality of all Perth Mint presentations, each of these prestigious Australian legal tender collections is housed within an official case, complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

A rare opportunity in pure platinum...

With platinum more than 30 times rarer than gold, there are few coins struck in this prestigious precious metal issued anywhere in the world. And none as spectacular as the Perth Mint’s new 2010 Discover Australia Dreaming Platinum Proof Series!

A seldom seen opportunity to add one of the world’s most desirable, rarest precious metals to your collection, this world-renowned program once again comprises two pure .9995 platinum sets. Underpinned by glorious full-colour, the 5-coin $15 1/10oz and $50 1/2oz platinum sets both pay homage to the same five Australian native icons honoured in the silver and gold collections – but are graced with radically different full-colour indigenous art designs!

A release of immense prestige, beauty and limited availability, just 1,000 1/2oz and 2,500 1/10oz 5-coin collections are to be issued worldwide – each beautifully presented within an official case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

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2010 $25 Ned Kelly 1/4oz Gold Proof Coin

Following in the footsteps of the $1 Ned Kelly Silver Proof Collection that we blogged about earlier this year, we now present to you a similar release. Again celebrating the legendary Ned Kelly, The Perth Mint have released a new 1/4oz Gold Proof coin. Utterly magnificent in design and presentation, and with a mintage restricted to a mere 1,000, it’s set to be as popular, if not more, as the silver proof collection.
Read on for full details and a brief rundown on the history of Ned Kelly!

The history…

In 2010, we mark the 130th Anniversary of the death of Ned Kelly. Although opinion will always be divided – to some a working class hero, to others a criminal – no one has captured the public imagination quite like Australia’s most notorious bushranger. Involved in cattle rustling in the 1870s, Ned’s transition from minor criminal to fully-fl edged bushranger was triggered when he and brother Dan were accused of the attempted murder of a trooper in 1878. With a price on their heads, Ned and Dan took to the bush, where Joe Byrne and Steve Hart soon joined them.

The reward for each Kelly Gang member was raised to £1,000 after the outlaws confronted a search party at Stringybark Creek, shooting Sergeant Kennedy and Constables Lonigan and Scanlon dead. That reward rose to an incredible £2,000 per man following the bank robberies in Euroa, Victoria and Jerilderie, NSW. The gang then disappeared from view for over a year, until June 1880. Killing former friend Aaron Sherritt in revenge for a perceived betrayal, the gang set out for Glenrowan, taking 70 people hostage in the hotel. It would be here that the Kellys’ last stand was to take place, and where the gang’s famous suits of armour would make their one-and-only appearance in battle.

With Joe Byrne killed by police, and Steve Hart and Dan Kelly committing suicide, Ned was the sole survivor of gun battle, and was sent to Melbourne to stand trial. Sentenced to death the murder of Lonigan at Stringybark Creek, and with pleas to have the sentence commuted ignored, Ned was led to the gallows at Melbourne Gaol on 11 November 1880 – exactly 130 years ago.

The coin…

The ultimate tribute to Australia’s world famous bushranger, this flawless new legal tender $25 coin unites the latest in minting technology with the beauty, purity and luxury of the world’s favourite precious metal. As exclusive as it is eye-catching, the Ned Kelly $25 1/4oz Gold Proof is destined to be one of the ‘Coins of 2010’.

A unique blend of history, quality and innovation, the Ned Kelly $25 1/4oz Gold Proof represents a glowing tribute to the expertise of the precious metal specialists at the Perth Mint. Demonstrating the Mint’s mastery of full-colour technology, the 22.6mm flan of this unique legal tender type is graced with a superb design. Contrasting against the pure, lustrous .9999 gold, the striking portrayal of Ned is complemented perfectly by a design of the helmet from the armour suit Ned wore at the final showdown at Glenrowan.

With the Mint striking just 1,000 examples for worldwide distribution, it will be a race against time to own one. Certain to be pursued by gold collectors, as well as those seeking a prestigious tribute to Ned in the 130th anniversary year of his death, the only question is when – not if – this Australian-made Gold Proof will sell out.

Don’t miss this initial opportunity – guarantee supply at Official Issue Price!

A prestigious commemoration of Australia’s legendary outlaw, each of these stunning coins is...

  • taken from a tiny worldwide mintage of just 1,000
  • crafted to faultless Proof quality from 1/4oz of .9999 fi ne gold
  • struck by the Perth Mint as an official Tuvalu legal tender issue
  • beautifully presented within an attractive timber case
  • accompanied by an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • excellent value-for-money at Official Issue Price. Act now!

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For further information about the Ned Kelly $1 Silver Proof Collection you can view our previous blog post HERE

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