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How You Can Support Beyond Blue and Build a Great Collection on Thank You Day

Victorians have given up a lot to help ease the spread of Coronavirus. And with 2020 AFL Grand Final being held in Brisbane for the first time ever, Victorians are longing for life to return to normal. 

Luckily their hard work seems to be paying off as restrictions start to ease. Victoria will still get Friday 23 October off as a public holiday – which is being re-branded as ‘Thank You Day’.

Thank You Day aims to acknowledge the efforts Victorians have made to help flatten the curve. During challenging times, it is important to commemorate one another for putting in the effort for the greater good.



It has taken a lot of mental endurance to get through this strict lockdown - and Victoria has shown it has the strength to tackle any challenge. If anybody deserves to be thanked, its Victoria’s essential workers on the frontline of this crisis. Their tireless work to keep the state running has been a crucial part of getting us through this.

Charities like Beyond Blue have been here for Victorians, advocating for good mental health by providing critical initiatives and services for all Australians. These services are key in helping essential workers cope with the pressures they may be feeling.

Macquarie Mint is proud to be supporting Beyond Blue’s mission to equip Australians with the skills to look after their own mental wellbeing.

That is why we’ve launched the Thank You Collection, with a portion of the proceeds going to Beyond Blue.

Say ‘Thank You’ with the Thank You to Key Workers Collection

The Thank You Collection honours those in healthcare, emergency services, delivery services, childcare and many other essential services, who whole-heartedly deserve our gratitude.

The Thank You Collection features unique coloured designs representing key worker groups, expertly struck on 99.9% pure silver-plated coins. You will finish your collection with a limited-edition gold-plated medallion honouring charity workers - the perfect tribute to organisations such as Beyond Blue!


Subscribe Today and Support Beyond Blue!

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