On the Road for Kidney Health


By far not our best performance at the Kidney Kar Rally, but we never plan to win! Everyone starts with 1000 points - we automatically lose 20 for driving a 4WD.

Day 1 - Goulburn to Goulburn
Equal 11th for the day
Equal 21st overall
4 stages - 1 Late, Even, 1 Late, Even

Day 2 - Goulburn to Merimbula
Equal 14th for the day
Equal 18th overall
3 stages - 1 Early, 5 Early, Even

Day 3 - Merimbula to Sale
Equal 35th for the day
Equal 27th overall
3 stages - 4 Early, 20 Early (fell in the hole), 3 Early

Day 4 - Sale to Ballarat
23rd for the day
25th overall
4 stages - 1 Early, Even, 2 Late, Even

Day 5 - Rest Day

Day 6 - Ballarat to Nagambie Lakes
Equal 19th for the day
23rd overall
4 stages - Even, 2 Late, Even, 1 Late

Day 7 - Nagambie Lakes to Albury
Equal 27th for the day
22nd overall
4 stages - 1 Early, 4 Late, Even, 1 Early

Day 8 - Albury to Queanbeyan
Equal 10th for the day
20th overall
4 stages - Even, 2 Early, Even, 1 Late

So...until next year!

Day 8 - Albury to Queanbeyan, NSW - Final Day!

After taking off from Albury, we headed towards our lunch destination in Tumut. The first stage included a Navigation Test where we had to answer 10 questions about things we observed en route. Of course we nailed this - not only answering all questions correctly, but coming in at the end of the stage at the correct time! The drive along the mighty Murray was beautiful (for those few moments you can spare a glance to appreciate it)!

Lunch was at the Parish Hall in Tumut organized by the family of one of our favourite rallytives. We then departed for the final two stages for this year - and wow, did they leave the best 'til last! We twisted and turned our way through the pine forests of Tidbinbilla about the same time the rain started! It was very tight and many of us found it quite difficult. By the time we crossed the finish line it was pouring, so the usual celebrations were cut a little short. We then headed to Queanbeyan for the final presentation dinner...

Even Donald Duck came to see us off! #kidneykarrally2018 #kidneykarrally

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Day 7 - Nagambie to Albury, NSW

After only losing 3 points over 4 stages yesterday, we thought we were doing ok. This morning started well out of Nagambie, but we blew the second stage before lunch in Mansfield. For the two stages this afternoon, we were first car off and that added some pressure, but we came through both stages quite well and are now settled in Albury for the night before the final day of the 2018 Kidney Kar Rally tomorrow.

Some pics of us in action taken by others #kidneykarrally2018 #kidneykarrally

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We are in Mansfield for our lunch stop today. After a good day yesterday, this morning was a little...well...average. We are hoping for a better afternoon, with two big stages to take us to Albury tonight.

More #kidneykarrally2018 characters!

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Day 6 - Ballarat to Nagambie, VIC

Our overnight stay ☺ #kidneykarrally2018 #kidneykarrally

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Day 5 - Rest Day, Ballarat

Day 4 - Sale to Ballarat, VIC

Day 4 - Afternoon

From Sale through the Yarra Valley to Yea and then onto Ballarat - we really showed Victoria at its most beautiful. So lush and green compared to the drought conditions north of the border...

Unfortunately, two stages were cancelled today due to safety concerns – one of them due to snow!

It was quite a muddy day with lots of boggy sections of road through tight forest tracks, much of it in the rain, which made it very dark in the forest! But we made it through unscathed!

Day 4 - Morning

We're currently heading from Sale to Yea for lunch, then Ballarat tonight, where we have our well deserved lay day tomorrow!

Hopefully a sign for a brighter day today! #kidneykarrally2018 #kidneykarrally

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Day 3 - Merimbula, NSW to Sale, VIC

In the middle of the second rally stage today, our poor little car ended up completely swallowed by a ditch on the side of the road. Only its amber flashing light and red roof were visible to passers by.

Not only were we swallowed, but we landed in a pool of stagnant water surrounded by fallen gum trees which had us wedged in tight. Fortunately, we are fine, with only our pride hurt. We managed to climb out of the car after radioing for assistance.

The 3 Amigos stopped to assist, but couldn't get any grip to pull us out, so we waited for a 4WD. Then along came the Fugitives! With some expert guidance from Wally, they managed to pull us out backwards, maneuvering at all sorts of angles to avoid all the large trees and trunks that had us wedged in.

We cannot believe we have managed to come through this without even a scratch on the car! It is a miracle! So we continued to rally on to finish the stage and get to lunch in Orbost before we headed off to the last stage for the day and then to Sale where we stay tonight.

So grateful for everyone's help - they are an amazing group of people who do this rally!

Day 2 - Goulburn to Merimbula, NSW

Day 1 - Goulburn, NSW

Our fave teletubbie! #kidneykarrally2018 #kidneykarrally

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Some unticketed passengers #kidneykarrally2018 #kidneykarrally

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Today's lunch stop - Crookwell Public School. #kidneykarrally2018 #kidneykarrally

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Day 0 - Goulburn, NSW

We discovered today that we are the fourth highest fundraisers again this year, despite having increased our total fundraising by 35% over last year! But all that means is that everyone raised their bar significantly and the Kidney Kids will of course benefit from a higher amount raised overall. Well done to everyone!

Queued up for the final safety check and registration! #kidneykarrally2018

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The Big Merino, Goulburn, NSW. #kidneykarrally2018

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Lunch stop! The Dog on the Tuckerbox, Gundagai, NSW. #kidneykarrally2018

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It's finally here. We're just moments away from the start of this year's Kidney Kar Rally!

Kath and Ken Downie are now ready for a momentous journey of thousands of kilometres. The rally will take them on a loop of 4000 km, covering parts of rural New South Wales and Victoria. The course kicks off in Goulburn and finishes at nearby Queanbeyan – but deviating as far south as Ballarat over eight gruelling days, this is no mere drive to the shops.

Held each year to benefit children living with kidney disease, the Kidney Kar Rally shines a light on a very important cause. It's a one-two punch: behind the fun exterior there's a serious message – and not to mention, thousands of dollars raised.

Proceeds from the rally go straight towards Kidney Health Australia's Kidney Kids camps. These events are held specifically to give kids living with the disease a chance to be themselves, have fun and most importantly, get some support. To children and families whose daily lives revolve around managing chronic illness, these camps are a breath of fresh air. Ken and Kath have been blown away by donations and support from family, friends, staff, suppliers, local businesses, other 'Rallytives' and colleagues from within the industry this year. Hopefully they can build on last year's massive effort – watch this space!

With Ken as driver and Kath as navigator, team 'K & K' has proven to be a formidable unit in rallies past. Kath will be keeping us updated on progress, so stay tuned for her coverage of the event!