Day 7: Renmark to Moama

Editor’s note: Kath Downie shares more of her 2017 Kidney Kar Rally adventures in her blog post below!

Two stages cancelled and many changes today...lunch at Ouyen primary school and then bitumen to Moama!

We are on our way to Moama after completing the two stages this morning and enjoying a spectacular lunch at Ouyen College!

So. Much. Canola. So. Much. Canola.

Two class 3 stages...I can't say done and dusted as there was not so much dust but heaps of water and mud! After nearly taking out a couple of photographers who were strategically placed to get splash shots, we slipped and slid our way through lots of mud and stopped just short of a fixed camera they had placed on a bend! Soon after that we span out and ended up sideways on an embankment! Scary as hell at the time but quite funny looking back now! Needless to say poor little Subie is a little the worse for wear and in need of a good wash!

The Kar is in need of a kleen! The Kar is in need of a kleen!