[KKR2015] Day 10 - Ouyen to Moama

Some of the Kars in Ouyen Some of the Kars in Ouyen

And so we come to the final day of rallying in the 2015 Kidney Kar Rally. While everyone is totally exhausted, there is no lack of enthusiasm for what is in store for us today! The first stage was a 122k Class 3. More sand with recovery vehicles at the ready and a very long stretch along a water channel which saw us all somewhat suspended on a narrow rise above it. A little harrowing at times and certainly no room for overtaking, but we think we finished maybe a minute early. The second stage for the day was a 113k Class 1 which we think we finished a minute early as well.

We stopped for lunch in Kerang and had quite a short turnaround before we had to be back out to start the final stage. The final stage had been changed significantly from what was printed in our road books. Every day there is a Kar that goes out 24 hours before to check the proposed route to ensure it is safe to rally. Clearly this one wasn't so changes had to be made. (There is also a Kar that goes out an hour before the first rally Kar leaves each morning to do the same thing and put out extra caution signs along the way as needed). So what was to be a 95k Class 3 became a 77k Class 2. Everyone's road books now contained amended instructions as well as many deleted ones! This proved to be, for us, one of the best rally sections of the event. There was lots of mud, then dust. A very narrow track and lots and lots of trees and stumps to guide you in the right direction! Mud in that volume is often common in the rally, but this was our first experience of it in this one! It was a very challenging stage indeed and we were shocked to find that, based on the mid-point averages, we came in 10 minutes late! But still, the average will no doubt be at the lower end for this one so we are hopeful of still doing ok. We will find out tonight!

At the end of the final stage of the rally we all gather for a drink where we finish to wait for all the Kars to come in. Once they are all in, we form a parade into the centre of town. Tonight we will all celebrate our survival of the last 10 days and see who wins the remaining awards. I will do a final post tomorrow and let you all know how we finished up.