[KKR2015] Day 5 - Coober Pedy to Wilpena Pound

A picture from yesterday I couldn't help but include. What are you doing Ken? A picture from yesterday I couldn't help but include. What are you doing Ken?

A long 635k day faced us today. The first stage was 161k Class 1 which incorporated a visual navigation (where we had to answer 8 questions about things that we saw along the way). We managed to pick them all up on the way to William Creek where we were to begin the next stage - another Class 1, just 73k. This stage finished at Coward Springs where we stopped to look at another natural spring that was nowhere near as formidable as the Dalhousie one we had visited previously. Then straight into the 3rd stage for the morning! 130k, Class 1 that took us along the Oodnadatta Track, past Lake Eyre (which fascinatingly is actually 12m below sea level)!

We then had a 204k transport with lunch in the middle of it at the Marree Hotel. A very historic hotel full of a lot of information about Donald Campbell and his land speed record across Lake Eyre. The last stage of the day - and the most beautifully scenic one - was a Class 4 that wound us through parts of the Flinders Ranges and into our overnight stop at the Wilpena Pound Resort. Having missed the Flinders Ranges on a previous rally a few years back, we were pleased we got to see at least some of it and may well head back there again ourselves.

Our results for the day saw us drop a position to 21st overall with a 3 early, 3 early, 2 early and 1 late - a loss of 9 points for the day. Still we are happy to be sitting in the middle of the pack somewhere and marvel at the way the Kar is handling itself. A very rowdy dinner at the resort before we headed to bed to wake to an even bigger day tomorrow!