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[KKR2015] Day 7 - Broken Hill to Mildura

The mighty Murray! The mighty Murray!

While not as big a day as yesterday, the 568k over 4 rally stages proved to be quite challenging. From Broken Hill we travelled alongside the Trans Pacific rail line to Menindee, had some amazing black soil tracks along the Darling River through Mungo National Park with lots of trees to avoid (which we did fortunately) and through some large private properties. We stopped for lunch at the Pooncarie Hotel and headed towards our home for the next two nights in Mildura.

It's hard to see, but tat's a photographer REALLY earning his keep! It's hard to see, but that's a photographer REALLY earning his keep!

Overall, we thought we had done pretty well, but once again the rally averages were clearly a lot faster than we had bargained for. We started well with a 74k Class 1 for which we managed to come in even. The second stage, a 71k Class 2, we judged to have completed 2 minutes early and we were right on this one. The third stage was a massive 150k Class 3...with lots of gates! We thought we made this one pretty even, but obviously the average times were a lot faster and we were scored at 6 minutes late. After lunch, our last stage of the day was a 172k Class 1 - we estimated we were about a minute late but in fact we were scored at 3 late. Quite a lot of emus and kangaroos and we also faced a lot of tourist traffic, particularly through the National Park. All in all a very scenic day, by the end of which we were incredibly tired but more than satisfied with maintaining 18th position overall. Tomorrow sees a short day, with just 2 stages, so people have the afternoon free to get their Kars repaired before the final two days of the rally.