2012 Coin of the Year awards! And the nominees are…

Perhaps one of the most prestigious award ceremonies for numismatics, the American Numismatic Association in accordance with Krause Publications, has just announced the nominations for the 2012 Coin of the Year awards.

With categories ranging from most historically significant and best contemporary events to most inspirational, innovative and artistic releases seen throughout 2010 comes an array of designs that undoubtedly enticed the global.

Amongst the most popular coins nominated – judged on commercial sales, international appeal, artistic calibre and the indefinable qualities of ‘popularity’ – included Canada’s Poppy, United Kingdom’s Countdown to London Olympics (2011  and 2012  issues still available)  and Tuvalu’s Deadly and Dangerous Eastern Brown Snake (2009 Saltwater Crocodile still available ).


A collection of diversity and intrigue, head on over to to view the full list of nominations.

Downies has you covered this festive season...

With days rapidly counting down to secure your perfect gifts  – Downies is your one-stop-shop this festive season! With celebratory commemoratives to entice even the newest of collectors – give your loved ones a gift to remember. From classic gold and silver Proofs to innovative scented Uncirculated coins, Downies is the leading distributor of world coins and banknotes.


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The way of the future…

Following in the footsteps of 18 other countries, Canada has just announced their first release in a new line of Polymer Banknotes – the new $100 bill. Developed from a single sheet of polymer plastic, this iconic new series has been developed in a bid to win the battle against counterfeit currency.


The latest in a long line of new polymer banknotes that can be traced back, at least in part, to the very first Australian polymer banknote, the 1988 $10 Bicentennial note, Canada will join Australia, New Zealand, Romania and Vietnam to be the next country to fully convert to polymer.


Enhanced with an abundance of security features, the new $100 note is expected to be issued into circulation by the end of the month. With an aim to have the fifties, twenties, tens and fives circulating by the end of 2013, the new currency is expected to last twice as long as the existing notes and can be recycled upon destruction.

Protecting Australia’s Endangered Species - National Threatened Species Day – September 7


Developed as a Government Initiative to raise awareness of our endangered species, National Threatened Species Day is an annual event held throughout Australia on September 7. Founded in 1996 to commemorate the date of the death of the last known Tasmanian tiger held in captivity in Hobart in 1936, National Threatened Species Day supports numerous activities geared to protect and conserve our immediate environment.

The perfect commemorative to celebrate this national campaign, the Niue 2011 $1 Last Tasmanian Tiger Lenticular Gold Plated Proof Like coin depicts ‘Benjamin’ in a stunning 8-part moving image design. Using original video footage of the last known Tasmanian tiger from 1936 - this tribute is struck as official Australian legal tender.

With a perfect partner also available in a 1oz 99.9% Silver Proof, each 2011 release forms the ideal tribute to one of Australia’s most famous icons!

2012 RAM Products available to order from Downies

With only hours until the Royal Australian Mint unveils their entire 2012 product themes and release dates at Federation Square in Melbourne, Downies is happy to announce that we will remain your one-stop shop to secure all of your 2012 RAM releases, as well as all the other important issues from Australia and around the world. And remember, all items at Downies accrue Bonus Points to be used regularly to redeem further items for FREE!

A stunning array of honorary issues, the 2012 collection also includes a wide range of tribute and commemorative pieces – perfect for every collection! Headlined by both a unique concaved $5 coin and a hyper-metallic coloured 50 cent coin, these exclusive 2012 Royal Australian Mint products will all be available to order at Downies.

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2012 Year of the Dragon Bullion Series

With celebrations for the long awaited Year of the Dragon already underway – The Perth Mint has announced their newest Precious Metal Series to commemorate the most popular sign in the Chinese Lunar Calendar and it will be undoubtedly one of the biggest releases of 2012!

With global demand soaring for all 2012 Dragon lunar releases, The Perth Mint’s 2012 Year of the Dragon Bullion Series has proved no exception to the surplus of demand throughout the numismatic market. With our allocations of the two 1oz precious metal coins comparatively tiny to the raging demand - Downies has subsequently sold out!

2012 1oz Lunar Dragons Sold Out

Issued as a nine-part gold series and a seven-part silver series, currently all other releases are still available - however stocks are limited. With size ranges including a 10 kilo, 1 kilo, 10oz, 5oz, 2oz and 1/2oz Silver Bullions and a 10 kilo, 1 kilo, 10oz, 2oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz, 1/10oz and 1/20oz Gold Bullions together with a vast array of other Dragon releases, Downies has the ability to cater for every collector’s 2012 Year of the Dragon needs!

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