QLD ANDA Show Special Release - 2009 1966 Decimal Pattern 20c!

Earlier this month, the Gold Coast leg of the ANDA Coin show was held. This was the first time an ANDA show had ever been held on the Gold Coast, and to mark such a momentous occasion an exclusive ‘Show Issue’ coin was released. Honoring one of Australia’s most iconic coin designs, this utterly magnificent release concentrates on Andor Mészáros’ 1966 Decimal Pattern 20c design that came so agonizingly close to being used for Australia’s decimal currency. Seriously considered, way back in 1966, the unique 20c motif was almost used on our first decimal coinage. Taking this into consideration one can quite easily appreciate the significance that this release has had on the numismatic community. Depicting a similar design as used on the infamous ‘1967 Goose Dollar’, this design highlights what ‘could have been’ of our Decimal currency.

The History!

To fully appreciate the significance that such a release has had on the numismatic community, one must know the history behind the original coin design. In 1965 the introduction of decimal currency and the subject of national coinage had a much higher profile in daily conversation than it does today. It goes without saying then, that the nation’s coin collectors held very strong opinions about which designs were to be selected for our national coinage.


The process by which the designs were selected was carried out by the Commonwealth Government with high consideration as to what were most suitable for Australia. The Government established an Advisory Panel on Coin Design, who commissioned six prominent Australian artists to submit a series of designs for consideration. One of the six artists selected was Andor Mészáros, a highly talented architect and sculptor, and at the time one of Australia’s most successful medallion designers. Although the Government later chose Stuart Devlin’s designs, there was still huge interest in Mészáros’ designs from a wide range of numismatists.

Once the decimal designs were decided upon, many were surprised to learn that a one dollar coin would not be included in the new issues. So in 1966, the ‘Australian Coin Review’ (ACR) ran a design competition for a new one dollar design, with the winning entry being submitted to the Australian Government. Mészáros 20c “goose” design from his original decimal coinage submission was adapted to a one dollar format and won the competition. Sadly misfortune broke again and the submission was rejected by the authorities as they were seeking a common theme for all coins in the new decimal series, as opposed to a series of individual designs. However, the editorial staff at ACR had previously stated that if the winning design was of a sufficient standard, it would be “struck as a souvenir in fine silver”, continuing on to say that the coins would then be made available to collectors through the ACR and coin dealers throughout Australia. In November 1967 it was confirmed that this would become a reality with ACR outlining that 750 silver proof, 1,500 silver specimen and 10 gold coins would be minted. The 1967 ACR Pattern Goose Dollar was then engraved and struck by John Pinches medalists of London. In spite of the thinly veiled disapproval, the ACR’s unofficial crown sparked interest with collectors around the world almost instantly, with the proof version announced to have sold out completely in February 1968 issue of the ACR magazine.

The Coin!


Taking into the consideration the popularity that was sparked by the original “goose” design, and coupled with the tremendous popularity of official Australian ‘Show products’ the new 2009 1966 Decimal Pattern 20c ANDA Show Silver Proof is sure to spark immense interest from collectors around the globe. Crafted to the height of Perth Mint Proof quality, this .999 fine silver coin enshrines the Goose design in immaculate proof quality. A wonderful opportunity to secure this striking coin type individually, the Perth Mint’s decision to issue the ‘Goose’ 20c Silver Proof ONLY at the ANDA Gold Coast Show is an inspired one.


With the huge demand placed on ‘Show products’, Downies has secured as many coins as possible from the edition of 2,500, and as expected our stocks are very limited. Presented on an official Perth Mint card, and available at a very affordable price, don’t miss what is likely to be your only opportunity to secure this historic, exclusive Australian legal tender type.

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