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Are you looking to sell your coins or banknotes?

Do you have any forgotten collectables lying around in the house, in a drawer or in a box?

Downies' Melbourne Store is currently seeking new material!

To serve our ever-expanding client base locally, interstate and overseas, we are interested in buying the following:

  • 1925, 1930 and 1946 Pennies
  • 1923 Halfpennies
  • Holey Dollar and Dumps
  • Kookaburra Square Pennies
  • Proclamation copper, silver and gold coins
  • Silver Threepence, Sixpence, Shilling, Florin and Crown coins
  • 1966 Round 50c coins
  • Rolls of Uncirculated decimal and predecimal coins
  • Gold Half and full Sovereign coins
  • Australian pre-Federation, predecimal and Star banknotes
  • Bundles of Uncirculated paper decimal banknotes
  • Australian and British colonial trade tokens
  • Australian commemorative and war medallions
  • World silver and gold coins
  • Error/misprinted coins and banknotes

We can provide free valuations in store, or at your home or office.

Please contact Steve Kirby, Numismatist at Downies' Southgate Store today on (03) 9686 8422 to make an appointment.