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Downies Collectables turns 90 in 2022!

2022 is a special year for the numismatics community as it celebrates the milestone 90th anniversary of Downies Collectables – Australia’s most trusted, family-owned, one-stop-shop for all things collectable! With unwavering dedication to its founding principles of quality, passion, integrity and community, Downies has become Australia’s foremost purveyor of coins, banknotes, commemoratives and more – offering the finest and most innovative products & services on the market!

Established by pioneering founder Phil Downie, the business began with just 20 customers in 1932! Nine decades later, both the numismatics industry and Downies Collectables have navigated phenomenal change, with the small mail order company evolving into an online powerhouse that plays a huge role in bringing the best the world has to offer to Australian collectors.

One thing that has remained the same for ninety years……. the guiding principle of this family-run business is an unwavering passion to bring magic to the everyday by helping people collect the things they love!

A trailblazing family-run business

Following a move from New Zealand to Australia, Phil Downie’s company, originally named PJ Downie, was on a mission to locate the finest collectables & numismatic masterpieces and deliver them to Australians. The company grew from strength to strength and played a significant role in fostering the ever-expanding Australian collector market. By the time Phil retired in 1985, and entrusted Downies to his son, Ken, he had established Downies Collectables as the ‘go-to’ destination for Australian numismatics.

Having worked at the company for several years, Ken was in the ideal position to both consolidate and build upon this pre-eminent position. A leader in a variety of collector associations over the years, Ken played a key role in establishing Downies Australian Coin Auctions – Australia’s oldest, most respected numismatic auction house.

The ‘go-to’ destination for numismatics & collectors

A willingness to embrace the internet at a very early stage brought Downies into the homes of collectors worldwide. A spirit of innovation and exploration also allowed the company to move into broader fields and offer convenient subscription services through Macquarie Mint.

Today, Downies Collectables is well known to many hobbyists, numismatists and collectors as the leading destination for a wide range of coins, banknotes, collectables, stamps, military memorabilia, games, Trade Tokens, commemorative medallions and more! Offering a truly ‘complete’ collector experience - covering everything from pop culture and model cars, to sovereigns, Australian currency and rare ancient coins.

The quest for reputable and cutting-edge products has led to Downies partnering with some of the world’s most important mints as the official distributor for countries as diverse as Japan, France, and Canada. As well as sourcing the best new innovative coins from pioneering companies, resulting in a diverse range of coins & commemoratives that push the limits of technology, artistry and design. The secondary numismatic market remains a cornerstone of the company’s offerings and a knowledgeable team of numismatists continue to source treasures of enduring value that inspire and educate a new generation of collectors!

The future looks bright - 2021 GOLD COIN OF THE YEAR!

With 90 years under the belt, the future at Downies Collectables is exciting! Downies recently won ‘2021 GOLD COIN OF THE YEAR’ at the international commemorative coin contest, Coin Constellation - 2021, for the ‘Royal Portraits of Queen Elizabeth II’ 1oz Gold Coin. The professional jury of the competition includes the largest museums, auction houses, numismatic societies and commercial banks from around the world.

In addition, Downies Collectables commitment to the wider community remains a core value – with the company actively supporting several charities and organisations such as Legacy, Kidney Health Australia, the Melbourne Museum and many more!

With a third generation of the Downies family waiting in the wings to lead the company, and a hard-working team committed to bringing customers the best in coins and collectables, the future of this 90-year old powerhouse has never looked brighter.

A full year of celebrations ahead!

To celebrate their huge milestone, Downies Collectables has big plans ahead to make this momentous occasion one to remember. There will be celebrations all year! Customers and collectors of all persuasions should keep their eyes peeled on Facebook and Instagram, as well as the Downies Collectables website, for some really great giveaways and promotions in the coming months! 2022 promises to be a great year for the collector community!