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Gifting is a wrap at Downies!

Your collector dad’s birthday is coming up, you need a special gift for the kid that loves Harry Potter, your anniversary is fast approaching and your partner has it all, it’s almost Christmas and you don’t know where to begin! No worries, we have you covered with unique, quality gifts for everyone on your list, no matter the occasion. Guaranteed to please on any budget…

If Downies Collectables has a superpower, it’s helping our customers find stand-out gifts for those they love. Surprise and delight with a special pressie that shows just how much you care for, and know, the intended recipient. A gift should not only be beautiful, but thoughtful, taking into consideration the lucky guy or gal’s interests and passions – that way it will be treasured forever. It’s well worth the effort when you see just how much the perfect gift can brighten that special someone’s day!

You no longer need to spend countless hours looking for the ideal gift. We’ve put together a comprehensive gift guide to help you through the process, reduce your stress and give your nearest-and-dearest a gift that they’ll really appreciate. Our gift ideas are guaranteed to make you a legend amongst friends and family. We have so many options, whether your gift is for a pop-culture fan, motoring enthusiast, sport fanatic, nature lover, coin collector, history buff and everything in between, you’ve come to the right place to find something for everyone. Browse and be inspired…

Sleigh-it with these unique Christmas gifts
Get into the festive spirit with awe-inspiring gifts that will have everyone on your list jingling with joy! What’s more, it’s so easy – with great ideas for him, her and the kids all in one place. Best of all, you don’t have to spend a bomb to put the perfect pressie under the tree, with awesome finds for under $50! We even have a Christmas card boasting genuine legal tender festive coins from around the world. So don’t wait another minute! We’ve done all the hard work for you - browse games, coins, commemoratives, figurines, books and more now!

Thrilling gifts for the motoring enthusiast
Get ready to rev your engine and race into the most exciting selection of auto-themed coins and supercar memorabilia in Australia! These eye-catching collectables are MUST-HAVE gifts for racing fans. You’ll find model cars, replicas, super car-themed coin collections, books and games celebrating Holden, Ford and more…

Best gifts for pop-culture fans
Give the pop-culture fans what they really want! We have ‘super’ Marvel-themed coins, out-of-this-world Star Wars gifts, magical Harry Potter pressies and even band-themed coins that will rock your bestie’s world. Let Downies Collectables be your gifting superhero…

Awesome gifts for kids, according to kids!
Welcome to a world of fun gifts that will excite and amaze every child and get them learning and exploring before they even realise it! Coin collections are a great gift for kids – exciting, novel and a way for them to learn about geography, numismatics, history and so much more! We also have a range of pop culture-themed collectables and commemoratives, games and books that will get them exploring different themes, off their devises, and engaging with the whole family! From Australiana and animals to Disney and Star Wars, explore the possibilities today!

Precious pressies for coin collectors
A gift from Downies Collectables is what every coin collector desires! We have the latest legal tender coins from the world’s leading mints in a range of precious metals to feed their passion and fascinating books on numismatics to keep them entertained for hours. Who says money isn’t a great gift? For the coin collector, there’s nothing more exciting than Australian decimal and pre-decimal coins, gold sovereigns, penny sets, rare coins, ancient coinage and so much more. Browse now and make sure your loved one keeps ‘coining it’ with a very special gift.

Gorgeous and thoughtful gifts for her
We have a gift for the special woman in your life - mother, wife, best friend, daughter and everything in between! Guaranteed to put a smile on her face, our collectables, coins, figurines and jewelry gift ideas will impress her with their special meaning and eye-catching beauty. From Royal Selangor collectables she can display with pride, timeless gold-tipped roses, and a few Disney princesses, what more could a girl ask for?

Great gifts for guys
Men don’t need to be tough to shop for, whether you’re shopping for a mate’s birthday, the hubby’s anniversary gift, a beloved granddad, or dad’s big day, we have everything he needs to fill his man-cave! Discover themed collectables, models, books and games for the motor-enthusiast and sports fan, coins for the numismatic expert and rarities for the historian. Impress him with the gift that keeps on giving – exciting monthly subscriptions on every passion imaginable, from James Bond to Star Wars. Whether you’re in the mood to spoil, or spend under $50, we have a gift to please.

Gifts that won’t break the bank – under $50!
Just because they’re not pricy, doesn’t mean they’re not seriously impressive! Heavy on thoughtfulness and fun, but light on the wallet, these brilliant gifts under $50 cover a wide range of interests. From collectable coins, coin and stamp sets, games and commemoratives - you will find a unique gift sure to excite.

Wowza! Impressive gifts for life’s important occasions
Want to make an impression and mark an important event in style? We have the special gift you need for all those important occasions – the lunar New Year celebration, weddings, Christenings, and milestone birthdays. Mark a birth or engagement with a meaningful gold coin, give the history buff an ancient Greek of Roman coin for their big birthday, or gift your 007-obsessed husband the full James Bond coin collection that will make his year! The options for remarkable gifts are endless…

Gifts from ‘Down Under’

Downies have a wide range of Australiana-themed gifts, coins and commemoratives for those enamored with everything ‘down under’! Limited edition coins celebrating Australia’s unique wildlife in a range of precious metals make spectacular gifts, and if you’re shopping for someone who is an Aussie sport, or motorsport fan – we have the perfect gift for them too! Plus, we offer the widest range of Australian decimal coins that will make any collector’s day.

Fun and games!
All the classics with a twist! Looking for a gift idea for that special person that combines their passions and interests with all the fun of ‘game night’? Look no further, we offer puzzles and legendary board games like monopoly, top trumps, cluedo and more in a variety of exciting themes – from James Bond, to Marvel, to Harry Potter and even Holden!

Our top gift picks for the experts
Know a history buff, or coin collector, that you would love to spoil (and impress) with the perfect gift? Shopping for the serious collector no longer needs to be an educated guess on your part, because we have curated a fantastic collection of books, rare coins, banknotes, stamps and historically-themed commemoratives that will leave any expert weak at the knees. Whether their interest lies in war memorabilia, or they have a passion for rare Australian coins, gold sovereigns, royal history or ancient coins, we have some fascinating treasures just waiting to be discovered, and gifted… 

Prospector uncovers 87-ounce gold nugget worth $135,000

Mick Brown has discovered one of the largest gold nuggets found in recent years, when he uncovered the "fair dinkum nugget" worth around $135,000 in Central Victoria.

Gold Nugget

Mick, from the Victorian town of Wedderburn - just over 2 hours drive North East of Melbourne - found the nugget under a few inches of dirt using his Minelab metal detector. As luck would have it he was out there on account of his wife. Mick had recently quit smoking and as a result was being grumpy around the house, so his wife told him to leave and get some fresh air. It was then he headed to a regular prospecting spot and not long after discovered the nugget buried in the dirt.

Central Victoria has a long and continuing history of gold discovery. Ballarat is a town synonymous with the Australian Gold Rush of the late 19th Century, with a 177-ounce gold nugget being discovered near the town as recent as 2 years ago. The biggest nugget found in Australia, the 256-ounce "Pride of Australia nugget", was found in 1981, in the same region that Mr Brown made his remarkable discovery.

Featured Coin Producer: Coin Invest Trust, Innovative Numismatic Developer

Modern collecting is often marked by a fervent desire for collectors to acquire the new and innovative. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but these unique modern issues are highly sought after - as long as they are also high quality. For many years now, Downies has partnered with, and been sole official Australian distributor for, one of the most innovative coin producers in the world - Coin Invest Trust (CIT).

2013 500 Togrog Mongolian Nature – Crying Wolf 1/2oz Silver BU 2013 500 Togrog Mongolian Nature – Crying Wolf 1/2oz Silver BU - Click image for more information

Established in 1970, CIT is a European firm that has been producing coins since 1982. Over the years CIT have won a number of high-profile awards for their ground-breaking releases, including the Coin Of The Year award for their 'Gulo Gulo' Wolverine coin, part of the Wildlife Protection Silver Series. They are known for a range of ground-breaking numismatic issues, including the Pearl Silver Proof Series, the Tiffany Glass $10 Series, and the Meteorite Silver Proof series, to name just a few.

The original Tiffany Glass offer made way back in 2004! The original Tiffany Glass offer made way back in 2004!

As an indication of the popularity of some of their coins, the first of CITs Tiffany Glass $10 Series was sold by Downies for $139.95 in May, 2004. It is now selling at up to $4,000 on the open market! It's no mere fluke, either, as each of the coins in that series (and many others) have sold out almost instantly each year since!

 Andorra 2013 5 Diners Swallowtail Butterfly 3D Colour Silver Proof - click image for more information Andorra 2013 5 Diners Swallowtail Butterfly 3D Colour Silver Proof - click image for more information

A big part of what makes releases by CIT so globally popular is that not only are they extremely innovative (3D coins with Butterfly wings, anybody?), but they are also crafted to the highest standards. CIT don't just create new coins - they craft innovative, high-quality collector pieces that push the boundaries of modern numismatics. Downies is happy to partner with them and share their story with our collectors.

The END is nigh! Armageddon commemorated with coins

With a whiff of sulphur hanging in the air, mingling with the tortured screams of non-believers, the lines have been drawn on the final battlefield for the fight between good and evil – Armageddon!

The end of the world is currently firmly in the public consciousness, thanks to the link between the date December 21st, 2012 and the end of the Mesoamerican/Mayan long count calendar. A somewhat recent concern, many believe the ending of this calendar marks some sort of apocalyptic event. This view is not shared by scholars studying Mesoamerican culture, who argue that the Mayans expected the cycle to start again, much like the ending of a year in our standard calendar just means we need to buy a replacement for the fridge.

The end of the world has long been a subject of fascination throughout human history, with some going so far as to ascribe a location to the event. A place that has been the particular focus of much Western prophesying and speculation about the end of the world – dating back to the Book of Revelation – is over 10,000km away on the other side of the earth from Central America. Tel Meggido – the Hebrew name for the place commonly referred to as Armageddon and the location of the final battle according to the Bible – is of great cultural and archaeological significance.

Israel 2012 2NIS Armageddon 28.8g Silver Proof

Dating back to 7000 BCE, Tel Meggido has been the site of thirty different cities! A “tel” (or “tell” in English) is a settlement mound – a site where multiple settlements have built upon those existing previously through history; they are often places of great archaeological importance.  Occupying a position of strategic importance for numerous kingdoms, especially Assyria and Egypt, during the Canaanite and Israelite periods, Tel Meggido has already been pivotal in a number of great conflicts and trade routes through the ages.

In approximately the 15th Century BCE, the “Battle of Meggido” took place between Egyptian forces, led by Pharoah Thutmose III, and Canaanite states. This battle was important for a number of reasons; victory at this battle marked the start of the Egyptian Empires’ largest period of expansion, for example, and it was arguably the first reliably recorded battle in history. More recently, in 1918 during the First World War, Tel Meggido was the site of a battle between the Allied Egyptian Expeditionary Force and the Ottoman Yildirim Army Group, with the Allies gaining significant ground. Tel Meggido has also been the site of great cities at various times through the ages; for more information, see the Wikipedia entry on Tel Meggido.

Due to this fascinating and significant history, UNESCO decreed Tel Meggido a World Heritage Site in 2005. The Bank of Israel has chosen Tel Meggido as the subject of its fourth coin in the ‘UNESCO World Heritage Sites’ series and it has been struck by The Holy Land Mint.

Israel 2012 10NIS Armageddon 1/2oz Gold Proof

The legal tender coin is issued in both silver and gold, with the silver available in 1 and 2 New Shekel denominations, and the gold available in a 10 New Shekel variety. Extraordinarily exclusive given the global significance of the theme, only 1,800 of the silver 1 New Shekel have been made, with mintages for the silver 2 New Shekel and the gold 10 New Shekel a mere 2,800 and a miniscule 555 respectively. The obverse of the coin features an 8th century BCE seal found during an archaeological dig. The reverse features a jug, and the surprisingly advanced aqueduct system discovered at this most remarkable location.

Whether or not you believe the world will end in a month’s time or not, Tel Meggido remains a site of immense archaeological and cultural significance. It is a fitting world heritage location and subject for tribute in coin form. If you are interested in acquiring these special coins commemorating such a remarkable location, visit Downies.com. You might want to get your orders in by December 21st, just in case…

Israel 2012 10NIS Armageddon 1/2oz Gold Proof

Israel 2012 2NIS Armageddon 28.8g Silver Proof

Skip the queues this festive season – Downies delivers great gifts!

With time running out to get the perfect gifts for your loved ones – and shops only getting more hectic as the season enters fever pitch – Downies has you covered. You can shop for the perfect gift for collectors young and old, easily and securely from the comfort of your own home.

2013 RAM Mint Set

If you are stuck for an idea, why not consider something special, like the Royal Australian Mint’s 2013 Mint Set, featuring Australia’s very first full-colour 20c coin! Along with this super set, Downies is currently including a booklet comprising reprints of six classic illustrations of the humble platypus. With a retail price of A$14.95, the booklet is yours FREE with your order of the 2013 Mint Set.

2013 RAM Proof Set

If you are looking for something extra special, consider the Royal Australian Mint’s 2013 Proof Set, featuring Australia’s very first selectively gold-plated 20c coin! Sure to make an extremely well-received gift, if you order the 2013 Proof set today, you will also receive a copy of Platypus booklet FREE.

Double Downies deal – get even more if you order both sets today!

Downies is offering EVEN MORE if you take action now and purchase both sets together; not only will you get TWO copies of the Platypus artwork booklet (worth $29.90 combined), you will also receive a FREE 1937-56 Zoological 6-stamp Set (value $5.95). That’s a total bonus value greater than the cost of the Mint set by itself, yours free! Supplies are extremely limited, so click here to secure the deal before we run out!

Downies delivers again!

I know that’s a lot to take in, but wait – it gets even better!


To make shopping for presents even easier this year, Downies is offering half-price shipping throughout Australia on ALL ORDERS placed from now until the 31st of December! With shipping just $4.00 for orders under $100 and $6 for orders over $100 – and FREE for orders over $500 – you now have every reason to avoid the queues and visit downies.com!

Celebrating the centenary of Australia’s first stamps... HUGE 24-carat gold stamps!


Your opportunity to own

Comprising genuine, original examples of Australia's first two stamp types, this remarkably affordable presentation forms a wonderful way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the launch of Australia's first national philatelic system.

Although unity was achieved at Federation in 1901, it took more than a decade for the Commonwealth Government to launch Australia's first national postage stamps – the Kangaroo & Map 1d and the George V Portrait 1d. Offered in highly collectable Fine Used condition, and presented within an attractive, informative pack, the chance to add these historically crucial types to your collection for just A$14.95 must not be missed!



A strong statement of national sovereignty, and a crucial juncture in the history of the young nation, Australia's first stamp was released on 2 January 1913 – and instantly sparked huge controversy.

Although Australia's new Constitution gave the Commonwealth control over 'postal, telegraphic, telephonic, and other like services' at Federation in 1901, it was not until 1911 that priority was given to the creation of Australia's first stamp. It was in that year that the Postmaster-General's Department launched a Stamp Design Competition, with the winning design featuring a facing portrait of George V.

Members of the ruling Labour Government were opposed to the King's portrait being used on Australian stamps, however, with Charles Frazer, the Postmaster-General, believing that every letter leaving Australia should bear an 'advertisement of the country on its stamp'. As Frazer believed that a stamp picturing the British monarch did not represent the new nation, he favoured a stamp uniting a kangaroo and a map of Australia. Highlighting the extremely political nature of the controversy, the new conservative government, upon election in June 1913, commissioned a new series of stamps to replace the Kangaroo stamp, with the George V Portrait 1d released in December 1913.

Ironically, considering the stormy debate surrounding the creation of Australia's first two stamp types, the Kangaroo & Map series and the George V Portrait series would co-exist for the best part of a quarter of a century!


Australia’s first stamps in pure GOLD!


A lavish, prestigious tribute to the 100th anniversary of Australia's First national philatelic series, launched in 1913, this breathtaking presentation comprises massive versions of the nation's first stamps – crafted from pure 24-carat GOLD!

Perfect recreations of these historic 100-year-old stamps, the 1913 Kangaroo & Map 1d and 1913 George V Portrait 1d look absolutely sensational when crafted from the world's favourite precious metal. Measuring 75mm x 58mm, and therefore much, much larger than the original stamps, this glittering golden duo is superbly presented within a solid acrylic stand – ideal to display your prestigious new acquisition.

Acrylic Stand

Perfect for the home or office, and excellent collector value at A$175, each 24-carat gold stamp set is accompanied by examples of the original stamps – valued at A$14.95 but yours for FREE!

  • Comprises recreations of Australia's first two stamps – crafted from 24-carat gold!
  • Bigger than the original, each gold stamp measures a massive 75mm x 58mm
  • Includes FREE original examples of Australia's first two stamps – valued at A$14.95!
  • Fantastic value-for-money at an affordable A$175
  • Beautifully presented within a high-quality, solid acrylic display stand, housed within a sturdy outer box

. . . and get the original stamps for FREE!

Buy the sensational 24-carat gold stamps above, and receive the 'First Australian Stamps Pack' – valued at A$14.95, but yours for FREE!gold-stamps

Now available to purchase online via Downies.com

The Perth Mint Swindle

A 30 year old mystery that is back in the public eye, in 1982 the Mickelberg brothers became the faces of one of the most famous gold robberies in Australian History.

An unsolved crime that involved the disappearance of 49 gold bars from the Perth Mint worth over $653,000, in 1983, six months after the event, the three brothers, Ray, Peter and Brian were found guilty of the conspiracy and sentenced to 20, 16 and 12 years respectively. With all three convictions overturned in 2004, thirty years on, the truth behind the Perth Mint Swindle continues to remain a mystery.


An event that shocked the nation and one that has never occurred again in the walls of the Perth Mint, today, the Mint executes top of the line security for the production of all of their products. Producing a huge amount of gold coins for the global market including the hugely popular 2012 $50 1/2oz Gold Proof 5-coin set and the 2012 $25 Diamond Jubilee 1/4oz Gold Proof, the Perth Mint continues to remain one of the most popular minting authorities across the globe!


Niue 2012 $100 Tasmanian Wedge-Tailed Eagle 1oz Gold Proof

Prestigious, desirable and highly limited, the 2012 $100 Tasmanian Wedge-Tailed Eagle 1oz Gold Proof is one of the most exclusive gold issues of 2012 thus far!

The epitome of numismatic craftsmanship, each 1oz beauty is struck to the height of Proof quality from an entire Troy ounce of.9999 fine gold. A spellbinding legal tender issue, paying homage to one of the most renowned native Australian creatures – the Tasmanian Wedge-Tailed Eagle, each 38.61mm diameter flan is adorned in full colour upon a frosted background and mirrored field.


Depicting the intricate detail of Australia’s largest raptor in fully struck-up high relief, this superb gold Proof is destined to command the attention of every collector who is enchanted by the unparalleled beauty and rarity of the world’s favourite precious metal! Restricted to a global mintage of just 150 coins, this prestigious, edge numbered Proof is only to be enjoyed by the privileged few!

The ultimate tribute to a species facing the brutal realities of extinction, head on over to downies.com to secure what is sure to be one of the hottest issues of 2012!

Canada 2011 $100,000 Spirit of Haida Gwai 10 Kilo Gold Proof

A pioneer in numismatic excellence, the Royal Canadian Mint has achieved the unthinkable - crafting to absolute perfection the world's first 10 kilogram .99999 pure gold coin!


Proudly Canadian, this captivating design features the late Bill Reid's masterpiece; 'The Spirit of Haida Gwai', across its mammoth 180mm diameter reverse. A prestigious legal tender issue and a fine tribute to artistic expression, the 2011 $100 000 Spirit of Haida Gwauu is the highest denomination 10 kilo coin. With just 15 coins crafted for collectors of fine art and numismatic innovation, each coin is hand polished from the purest gold in the world.


A testament to Canadian workmanship for further information on this coin or other Canadian issues, please contact our VIP Client Liaisons Toll free on 1300 789 VIP (847) or email vip@downies.com


Downies Top 20 Coins for 2011

Over the past twelve months, mints across the world have combined innovation, precision and absolute excellence delivering you ground breaking releases, sure to compliment every collection. As 2011 closes and 2012 begins, we are proud to announce our top 20 releases that made international success for craftsmanship, design and popularity.

Over the coming weeks join us as we announce the top twenty coins, declaring ‘Downies most popular issues for 2011’. A range that is undefinable in quality and prestige, stay tuned to see who takes out number one!

Number 01:Tuvalu 2011 $1 Box Jellyfish 1oz Silver Proof

The sixth release in perhaps the world’s most popular series – the 2011 $1 Box Jellyfish 1oz Silver Proof has been declared Downies top coin for 2011! This sensational addition to the renowned Deadly & Dangerous Series is a characteristically stunning example of the unparalleled, full-colour minting techniques found across the industry!
Tuvalu 2011 $1 Box Jellyfish 1oz Silver Proof

Number 02: Niue 2011 $100 Tasmanian Tiger 1oz Gold Proof

The first release in a 1oz Gold series, the 2011 Tasmanian Tiger Gold Proof is one of the most desirable and exclusive issues to be released in Australia. Limited to a mintage of just 150 coins, each individually edge numbered release truly is the pinnacle of numismatic craftsmanship.

Number 03: Tuvalu 2011 $1 Tasmanian Tiger 1oz Silver Proof

The first release in the sell-out Extinct and Endangered series, the 2011 Tasmanian Tiger 1oz Silver Proof forms a dramatic tribute to one of Australia’s most distinctive, mysterious and famous creatures – the Tasmanian Tiger. Soaring in collector value, this spectacular .999 pure silver issue was limited to just 5,000 coins.

Number 04: 2011 $1 Treasures of Australia Pearl 1oz Silver Proof

The final release in the Perth Mint’s highly successful Treasures of Australia collection captivated collectors across the globe. Highlighted by the inclusion of a genuine Australian Pearl in the centre of the coin, each 40.60mm diameter flan was limited to a maximum mintage of just 7,500 coins.


Number 05: Niue 20122 $200 The 3 Kings of 1936 2oz Gold Proof

A spectacular tribute to the iconic Three Kings of 1936, this highly exclusive, two ounce coin is struck to the highest of Proof quality from .9999 fine gold. An excellent 75th Anniversary theme, each uniquely diamond shaped issue brings together traditional and modern numismatics, forming a truly unique tribute for only 75 lucky collectors!

Number 06: 2011 Proof Set

The most popular Royal Australian Mint issue of 2011, the annual Proof set houses the six standard Australian circulating denominations. Globally admired and struck to the unparalleled levels of the RAM, 2011 was only the third time since 1990 that the annual Proof issue has comprised Australia’s six ‘classic’ coin designs.

Number 07: Niue 2011 $5 Last Tasmanian Tiger Lenticular Silver Proof

Defined by the superb lenticular design, official legal tender status and flawless silver Proof quality, this 2011 release pays tribute to the 75th anniversary of the death of the last known Tasmanian Tiger. Restricted to a mintage of just 3,000 coins, this highly significant release sold out at exceptional speed!

2011 $5 Last Tasmanian Tiger Silver Proof

Number 08: 2011 Mint Set

A crucial annual release of 2011 – the Royal Australian Mint’s yearly release has again been one of the most popular releases of the year. Similar to the first Mint Set issued in 1966, each 2011 Set is comprised of the original decimal designs for the year; each set is struck to Brilliant Uncirculated quality from carefully selected and prepared blanks.

Number 09: 2010-2011 50c Royal Wedding Gold Plated 2 Coin Set

Comprise of official Australian coins celebrating both the Royal engagement and the marriage of HRH Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton, this Royal Australian Mint issue is struck onto the iconic dodecagonal 50c. Selectively gold plated and intricately detailed, there is little wonder as to why this two coin set was the most popular of the Royal Wedding issues throughout 2011!

Number 10: 2011 $1 Royal Wedding 1oz Silver Proof

Featuring the official engagement photograph of the Royal Couple and a detailed, raised image of Westminster Abby, each coin is struck to the highest standards of the Perth Mint. Comprised of an entire ounce of .999 fine silver, this silver Proof was the only Australian Crown-sized tribute to the Royal couple.

Number 11: Niue 2011 $100 Last Tasmanian Tiger Lenticular Gold Proof

A spectacular tribute to the last known Tasmanian Tiger, this innovative, 8-part, moving lenticular Gold Proof received instant success across the globe. Highly sought after for its incredible mintage of just 75 coins, each tribute is crafted from an entire ounce of .9999 fine gold.

Number 12: GB 2011£5 Royal Wedding Gold Proof

An official Royal Wedding issue, this massive 39.94g Gold Proof was the only British Royal Mint release to hit our top twenty! Celebrating the wedding that stopped the globe, this prestigious and extremely exclusive Gold Proof was limited to a miniscule mintage of just 3,000 coins.
2011 Royal Wedding Gold Proof

Number 13: 2011 Discover Australia Dreaming 1oz Silver Proof Collection

A fine collection of Aboriginal Art and an exceptional Australian legal tender presentation, this 2011 Silver Proof Collection forms a diverse tribute to the iconic wildlife found across the nation. Comprised of five full-colour, 1oz silver Proof coins, this 2011 Collection is the final release in the 2008-2011 Discover Australia Dreaming series.

Number 14: 2011 $1 100 Years Royal Australian Navy 1oz Silver Proof & Badge Set

Celebrating the Perth Mint’s first release of 2011, this eye-catching tribute to the centenary of the Royal Australian Navy was by far one of the most popular Military releases of the year. Headlined by a crown-sized silver Proof each set featured an authentic, full-colour Royal Australian Navy badge replica.

Number 15: Cook Islands 2011 $5 Koala and Eucalyptus Leaves Silver BU

The first distinctly Australian themed ‘rub & sniff’ coin, each innovative legal tender issue releases the fragrance of an Australian Eucalyptus Tree. Eye-catching, vibrant and underpinned by a strong Australian theme, this silver BU was one of the more innovative coins of 2011.


Number 16:2011 $1 Rams Head C Mintmark Silver Proof

Reviving one of Australia’s most admired coin designs originally issued on Australia’s Predecimal Shilling, the $1 Rams head silver Proof was the 2011 addition to a sought after annual series that began in 1992!

Number 17: 2011 Two Coin Unc Set

Historic, affordable and exclusive, the 2011 Two Coin Unc Set houses both the $1 and 20c coins adorned with iconic wheat designs. Issued as part of the RAM’s annual coin release, the 2011 Unc Set was one of our most popular issues of 2011!

Number 18: 2011 50c 60th Anniversary Of National Service Cu-Ni Unc

A unique addition to Australia’s highly sought after commemorative 50c series, this Military themed tribute pays homage to the 60th anniversary of Australian National Service. A distinctive and highly affordable Royal Australian Mint issue – we celebrate those who have fought for the nation in a variety of global and regional conflicts.

Number 19: 2011 $1 Great Australian Battles – Gallipoli 1oz Silver Proof

Devoured by global collectors due to the first release status, the 2011 Gallipoli 1oz Silver Proof is an outstanding tribute to Australia’s Baptism of Fire in World War I. Boasting a mintage of just 5,000 coins, each Silver Proof is housed in Perth Mint presentation and completed with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Number 20: Niue $33 Sistine Chapel Silver Proof Collection (33)

Highly sought after for the sheer size, the 2011 $33 Sistine Chapel Silver Proof is the largest ever legal tender commemorative issue! Devised from thirty-three interlocking, full colour coins each release is struck to Proof quality from an entire kilo of silver.


1 2